Adelphi University faculty scholarship and creative work in 2012.

Anagnostis Agelarakis (Anthropology and Sociology) presented the following: with E. Korka, “New Data on the Decorated Sandstone Sarcophagus of Phaneromene in Hiliomodion of Corinthia” at the International Conference: Archaeological Works in Peloponnesus, Tripolis Conference Centers, Tripolis, Greece, November 2012; “Klazomenaean Ambassadors in Thrace and Egypt: Archaic Period,” the keynote presentation at the Hellenic Institute of Egyptology 2nd Annual Gala Meeting, Egyptian Embassy’s Cultural Center, Athens, Greece, June 2012; “Demosien Sema: Athenian Polyandreia of the Peloponnesian War. Archaeological and Anthropological Approaches” at the Museum of Cycladic Art Archaeological Colloquia, Museum of Cycladic Art, Athens, Greece, June 2012; and “On the Recovery and Preservation of Archaeologically Retrieved Anthropological Remains, the Future of Protection Heritage Management for Archaeological Heritage in Times of Economic Crisis” at the ICOMOS Hellenic and ICAHM International Conference, Acropolis Museum, Athens, Greece, May 2012.

Raysa Amador (Languages, Literatures, and Cultures) presented “The Law and Discourse of Conquest in the Chronicles of Indies” at Rethinking Law and Legality: Critical Approaches to Law and Lawlessness in Latin America, a graduate student conference, Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, MD, April 2012.

Andrea Begel (Art and Art History) presented: “‘All Things Can Be Done for the One who Believes’: The Role of Paragone in Raphael’s Transfiguration and Sebastiano del Piombo’s Raising of Lazarus” at the Rivalry in the Arts: International Society for Paragone Studies at the Flint Institute of the Arts, Flint, MI, July 2012; and “Narrative in Ambrogio Lorenzetti’s Saint Nicholas Panels” at the College Art Association Annual Conference, Los Angeles, CA, February 2012.

Sidney Boquiren (Music) had his composition “Lento Misterioso from Three Preludes” for solo piano performed by David Holzman, Great Hall, Long Island University-Post, Brookville, NY, September 2012. His composition, “Stop and Frisk” from Triptych in Grant Park, the first scene of a one-act opera, was performed at the following venues in September 2012: the Irondale Center, Brooklyn, NY; Brooklyn Conservatory of Music, Brooklyn, NY; Flatbush Reformed Church, Brooklyn, NY; and American Opera Project’s South Oxford Space, Brooklyn, NY. He had three arias performed at the American Opera Project’s First Glimpse Concert, Brooklyn, NY, May 20 and 21, 2012: Sunday, Early Evening, Riverview Amusement Park, and The View from the Lunch Counter. He played piano in his original composition for the silent film, Music for Cuttlefish, at the DiMenna Arts Center, New York, NY, March 2012, and the campus auditorium, Indiana University South Bend, South Bend, IN, March 2012.

Melanie Bush (Anthropology and Sociology) authored the book chapter, “Transnational Africa Un- Pledging Allegiance: The US Must Make the African Connection,” in Transnational Africa and Globalization, p. 107–124 (New York: Palgrave Macmillan, 2012). She presented the following: “Crafting Citizenship: Interrogating the ‘American-Ness’ of the American Dream” at the American Anthropological Association, San Francisco, CA, November 2012; and “Inside Out or Outside In: The State of National Identity in the US” at the International Sociological Forum (via video), Buenos Aires, Argentina, August 2012.

Craig Carson (English) authored the book chapters, “Anatomic Economy: Mandeville’s Treatise of the Hypochondriak and Hysterick Passions” in The Body and Its Images in Eighteenth-Century Europe, p. 167–181 (Paris: Honoré Champion, 2012); and “Religion and the French Revolution; or, the Politics of Incarnation” in Fragments of Religion: Sacred and Secular Agency in Early Modern France, p. 160–172 (London: Continuum, 2012).

Tandra Chakraborty (Biology) published, with E. Allecia and S. Chakraborty, “Relationships Between Urinary Biomarkers of Phytoestrogen, Phthalates and Phenols and Pubertal Stages in Girls” in Adolescent Health, Medicine and Therapeutics, 3, p. 17–26, 2012.

Beth Christensen (Environmental Studies) presented, with C.A. Alexander, J.A. Goff, J.A. Austin and R.J. Turner, “The Last Glacial and Deglaciation: Insights from Continuous Coring on the New Jersey Continental Shelf” at the Geological Society of America Annual Meeting, Charlotte, NC, November 2012.

Michael Christofferson (History) presented “Paris, Cholet, Saint- Amand-Montrond: François Furet’s Youth” at the New York Area Seminar in Intellectual and Cultural History, New York, NY, November 2012, and “François Furet’s Resistance” at the Annual Meeting of the Society for French Historical Studies, Los Angeles, CA, March 2012.

Martha Cooley (English) participated in the panel discussion, “Novel Anxiety” at the AWP Conference, Chicago, IL, February–March 2012.

James Dooley (Biology) published, with Y. Iwatsuki, “A New Species of Deepwater Tilefish (Percoidea: Branchiostegidae) From the Philippines, with a Brief Discussion of the Status of Tilefish Systematics” in Zootaxa, 3249, p. 31–38, 2012.

Anton Dudley (English) debuted his play, The Empty Ocean, with the Harold Clurman Lab Company, New York, NY, June 2012. The play was presented subsequently at the Hangar Theatre, Ithaca, NY, July 2012. The Shadow Sparrow, a musical he wrote with C. Sohne and K. Gordon, was performed at the Momentum Festival, City Theatre, Pittsburgh, PA, June 2012. His monologue, “Eliot” was published in Actor’s Choice: Monologues for Teens, Volume 2 (New York: Playscripts, Inc., 2012). His play, Letters to the End of the World, was a finalist for the 2012 Lambda Literary Award in LGBT Drama.

Jessica Dutton (Environmental Studies) published two articles with N.S. Fisher: “Bioavailability of Sediment-bound and Algal Metals to Killifish Fundulus Heteroclitus” in Aquatic Biology, 16, p. 85–96, 2012, and “Influence of Humic Acid on the Uptake of Metals by the Killifish Fundulus Heteroclitus” in Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry, 31, p. 2225–2232, 2012. 

Matthias Foellmer (Biology) presented, with K.K. Khadka, “Personality Explains Variation in the Probability of Sexual Cannibalism in an Orb-web Spider” at the 14th International Behavioral Ecology Congress, Lund, Sweden, August 2012.

Louise Geddes (English) published “‘Know that I, Ringo the Drummer Am’: Shakespeare, YouTube and the Limits of Performance” in Shakespeare Bulletin, 30, p. 299–318, 2012.

Mark Grabowski (Communications) authored, with Sokthan Yeng (Philosophy), the book chapter, “To Post or Not to Post: Ethics of Mugshot Websites” in Digital Ethics (Oxford: Peter Lang, 2012).

Margaret Gray (Political Science) presented “Labor and the Locavore: Social Justice in the Food Movement” at the Williams College Sustainable Food and Agriculture Program, Williamstown, MA, March 2012.

Jonathan Hiller (Languages and International Studies) published “The Enduring Vision of Biodeterministic Sardinian Inferiority in the Works of Grazia Deledda” in the Journal of Modern Italian Studies, 17 (3), p. 271–287, 2012. He presented “Fantasies in Verismo” at the Modern Languages Association Annual Convention, Seattle, WA, January 2012.

Jacqueline Johnson (Anthropology and Sociology) authored the book chapter, with K.R. Johnson, “Racial Disadvantage and Incarceration: Sources of Wage Inequality among African American, Latino, and White Men” in Reinventing Race, Reinventing Racism (Leiden: Brill Academic, 2012). She published the article, “Mass Incarceration: A Contemporary Mechanism of Racialization in the U.S.” in the Gonzaga Law Review, 47 (2), p. 301–318. She presented the paper, “Mass Incarceration and Racialization in the United States” at the Eastern Sociological Society Annual Meeting, New York, NY, February 2012.

Jacqueline Jones LaMon (English) published the poems, “Words: A Bop” in Brilliant Corners, December 2012; “Nine to the Limit” in Crab Orchard Review, November 2012; and “The Facial Reconstructionist Has Cocktails with the Girls” in A Face to Meet the Faces: An Anthology of Contemporary Persona Poetry (Akron: University of Akron Press, 2012).

Shawn Kaplan (Philosophyauthored “Just War Theory: What Is It Good For?” in Philosophy in the Contemporary World, 19 (2), p. 4–14, 2012. He presented “Punitive Warfare” at the Association for Political Theory Annual Conference, University of South Carolina, October 2012, and at the 29th International Social Philosophy Conference, Northeastern University, July 2012.

Hanna Kim (Anthropology and Sociology) authored the book chapters, “A Fine Balance: Adaptation and Accommodation in the Swaminarayan Sanstha” in Gujarati Communities Across the Globe: Memory, Identity and Continuity, p. 141–156 (Stoke-on-Trent: Trentham Books, 2012); “Work-in-Progress: the BAPS Swaminarayan Sanstha on the Web” in Public Hinduisms, p. 303–308 (New Delhi: Sage, 2012); and “The BAPS Swaminarayan Temple Organisation and its Publics in Public Hinduisms, p. 417–439 (New Delhi: Sage, 2012). She presented “Devotional Bodies and Liberalising Economies: Rethinking the Relationship Between Religious Communities and Gujarat Civil Society” at the Centre for Social Studies, Surat, Gujarat, January 2012, and “Negotiating NIMBY, Neighbourliness, and Being Publicly Hindu in the United States” at the European Conference on South Asian Studies, Lisbon, Portugal, July 2012.

Jessica Klein (Anthropology and Sociology) published The Bully Society: Shootings and the Crisis of Bullying in America’s Schools (New York: NYU Press, 2012). She presented “American Misery: A Marxist Analysis” at the Eastern Sociological Society Annual Meeting, New York, NY, February 2012.

Katie Laatikainen (Political Science) was invited to participate in the panel, “EU-US Relations after the Lisbon Treaty,” part of the Roundtable Series on EU Foreign Policy after the Lisbon Treaty, at the London School of Economics, London, United Kingdom, June 2012. She presented “Group Politics at the United Nations: Conceptual Considerations” at the 2012 International BISA/ISA Conference, Edinburg, United Kingdom, June 2012. At the International Studies Association Annual Convention in San Diego, CA, April 2012, she chaired the panel, “Seeing the Bigger Picture of the EU as an Actor in International Institutions: Constructing a Macro View from Micro Cases” and was a roundtable participant in “Developing the International Studies Interdisciplinary ‘Tool Kit’: Curriculum, Capstones and Assessment of Student Learning Goals.”

Michael Lacombe (History) published Political Gastronomy: Food and Authority in the English Atlantic World (Philadelphia: University of Pennsylvania Press, 2012).

Joseph Landesberg (Chemistry) published two books: Basic Experiments for General, Organic, and Biochemistry (Davis: Cengage Learning, Brooks/Cole, 2012), and, with F.A. Bettelheim, Laboratory Experiments for General, Organic, and Biochemistry, 8th Edition (Belmont: Cengage Learning, Brooks/Cole, 2012).

Catherine Lawrence (Dance) gave an invited presentation at the gala opening night screening of Pina, Plaza Cinema and Arts Center, Patchogue, NY, March 2012.

Traci Levy (Political Science) and Deborah Little (Anthropology and Sociology) copresented “Who Cares: Integrating Disability Experiences into Care Theory” at the Western Political Science Association, Portland, OR, March 2012.

Heather Liwanag (Biology) published the following: with A.R. Davis Rabosky, A. Corl, Y. Surget-Groba and B. Sinervo, “Direct Fitness Correlates and Thermal Consequences of Facultative Aggregation in a Desert Lizard” in PLoS ONE, 7 (7), e40866, 2012; with A. Berta, D.P. Costa, M. Abney and T.M. Williams, “Morphological and Thermal Properties of Mammalian Insulation: The Evolution of Fur for Aquatic Living” in the Biological Journal of the Linnean Society, 106, p. 926–939, 2012; and, with A. Berta, D.P. Costa, S. Budge and T.M. Williams, “Morphological and Thermal Properties of Mammalian Insulation: The Evolutionary Transition to Blubber in Pinnipeds” in the Biological Journal of the Linnean Society, 107, p. 774–787, 2012. She presented: “The Fast and the Furriest: Keeping Warm in Cold Water” at the Institute for Conservation Research, San Diego Zoological Society, San Diego, CA, May 2012; and, with S.A. Zimmerman, M.M. Dickson and R.E. Espinoza, “Comparative Physiology of an Invasive Reptile: Have Mediterranean House Geckos Adapted to Their Local Niches?” at the Annual Meeting of the World Congress of Herpetology, Vancouver, BC, Canada, August 2012.

Cindy Maguire (Art and Art History) participated in the following exhibitions: the Annual Member Show at Blackburn 20/20, New York, NY, October 2012; Change Your Words, Change the World, a collaborative community art project with children and youth from Mineola, NY, and Wangige, Kenya, August 2012; Animating Our Worlds: First Annual Animation Festival Suhareka, a collaborative community animation project, Suhareka, Kosovo, March 2012; and The Sketchbook Project, a collaborative project with Adelphi undergraduate art education students, February 2012. She published: “Imagining and Acting to Change Our World” in Her Circle: A Magazine of Women’s Creative Arts & Activism, October 2012; with C. Donovan, J. Mishook, G. de Gaillande and I. Garcia, “Choosing a Life One Has Reason to Value: The Role of the Arts in Fostering Capability Development in Five Small Urban High Schools” in the Cambridge Journal of Education, 42, p. 367–390, September 2012. She presented, with R. McCallum, “Rethinking Art and Social Justice Education: The Role of International Collaborations” at Objective Mediterraneo—Italy, Turkey, Kosova, Albania—Dialogue Between Cultures, Istanbul, Turkey, December 2012. Dr. Maguire was invited to display her work in an accompanying exhibition. She also gave the following presentations: with R. McCallum, “What’s Play Got To Do With It” at the West Virginia Art Education Association Conference, Fairmont, WV, October 2012; “Collaborations Through the Arts: New York, NY, and Suhareka, Kosovo” at the III International Conference on Art and Social Justice, The Gernika Peace Museum, Gernika, Spain, October 2012; “Choosing a Life of Value: Arts Education and Capability Development in Four Urban High Schools” at the American Education Research Association, Vancouver, BC, Canada, May 2012; with R. McCallum, “Play As a Transformative Force in Formal and Informal Elementary Art Classrooms” at the National Art Education Association, New York, NY, March 2012; with S. Papp, “Linking Theory to Practice Through Action Research: Teaching the Triangle Factory Fire” at the National Art Education Association, New York, NY, March 2012; and, with J. Giroux, “Who Do We Teach? Challenges and Strategies in Recognizing Our Students: Developing and Supporting Curriculum for Multiple Constituencies” at the College Art Association, Los Angeles, CA, March 2012.

Sarah Martin (Theatre) was the set designer for the new play, Square Peg Round Hole, performed at Bucknell University, May 2012, and at the University of Northern Iowa, November 2012. She and S. Nelson designed the sets for Spring Fling: My Best/Worst Date Ever, which was produced by the F*It Club at Interborough Repertory Theatre, New York, NY, May 2012. She presented the following: with A. Paris and A.C. Paris, “Tectonic Theatre Project: Moment Work”; “Tectonic Theatre Project: New Methods of Theatre Making” and “Tectonic Theatre Project: Integration and Intersection” at the Entertainment Innovation Conference, Winston-Salem, NC, September 2012; and, with A. Paris, A. Hutchinson, R. Brown and M. Hutchinson, “Advancing the Form: Devising the American Family” at the Association for Theatre in Higher Education, Washington, DC, August 2012.

Brian Meyers (Music) published “Attitudes of Arizona High School Band Students Toward Solo and Ensemble Activities” in the Journal of Band Research (48) 1, p. 30–44, 2012, and “The National Solo and Ensemble Contests 1929–1937” in the Journal of Research in Music Education, 60 (1), p. 43–61, 2012. He presented the following: “What Do They See?: Parallel Observations of a Marching Band Performance” at the 4th Narrative Inquiry in Music Education (NIME4), Helsinki, Finland, August 2012; “Kodály for the Masses: Band and Chorus, Oh My! Who Said You Couldn’t Use Kodály?” at the Kodály Organization of New York Fall Clinic, New York, NY, November 2012; and “A Grand Band Vision: Singing in the Instrumental Classroom” at the Organization of American Kodály Educators (OAKE) National Conference, Phoenix, AZ, March 2012.

Kellyann Monaghan (Art and Art History) participated in City Block II, an invited group exhibition of New York landscape artists at the George Billis Gallery, New York, NY, July 2012.

Paul Moravec (Music) performed at the following venues in October 2012: Bach Festival, Winter Park, FL; San Antonio International Piano Competition, San Antonio, TX; Copland House, Peekskill, NY; and New York Philharmonic, New York, NY.

Maya Muratov (Art and Art History) presented: “With Strings Attached: Puppet Theater as Popular Entertainment in Antiquity” at the conference, Locating Popular Culture in the Ancient World, at the School of History, Classics and Archaeology, University of Edinburgh, United Kingdom, June 2012; “A Headless Half-Horse, Three Bottomless Amphorae, and a few Scythian Arrows on the Temenos of Pantikapaion: Sacrifice or Magic?” at Religion in Pieces, a conference sponsored by the Society for Ancient Mediterranean Religions, Joukowsky Institute for Archaeology and the Ancient World, Brown University, Providence, RI, April 2012; and “Sign or Image, Signature or Portrait? Tamga Signs in the Bosporan Kingdom” at the conference, Double Stories—Double Lives: Reflecting on Textual Objects in the Pre-Print World, Yale University, New Haven, CT, April 2012.

Salvatore Petrilli (Mathematics and Computer Science) published “Servois’ 1813 Perpetual Calendar, with an English Translation” in Loci: Convergence, 9, 2012, and, with A.J. Del Latto, “Algebraic Formalism within the Works of Servois and its Influence on the Development of Linear Operator Theory” in Loci: Convergence, 9, 2012. He presented “Euler’s Infinitesimal Calculus: ‘Expressions that Were a Little Hard to Swallow’” at the Euler Society Meeting, Garden City, NY, July 2012.

Nicole Rudolph (Languages and International Studies) published “Architecture as a Portal to the Teaching of French Language and Literature” in The French Review, 85 (3), p. 508–518, 2012.

Christopher Saucedo (Art and Art History) exhibited “Three Kings,” a sculptural installation and “Game Table (one slice removed),” an interactive installation in Spaces: Antenna The Front, Good Children Gallery at the Contemporary Arts Center, New Orleans, LA, February 2012. He curated Postcards from Long Island, an exhibition of Adelphi Department of Art faculty at the Barrister’s Gallery, New Orleans, LA, February 2012. His work has appeared in the following critical reviews: B. Sasser, “Swagger for a Lost Magnificence” in Artvoices Magazine, 52, February 2012; and N. Stillman, “Please Stop Saying 9/11” in Bomb Magazine, 14, Winter 2012. He presented the “Visiting Artist Lecture” at the San Francisco Art Institute-New Orleans Field Research Course, New Orleans, LA, January 2012.

Alan Schoenfeld (Biology) presented, with A. Michalik, S. Abraham, S. Choi and V. Petrov Michalik, “Effects of Atypical PKC on pVHL-mediated Cellular Phenotypes” at the Meeting on Mechanisms and Models of Cancer at Cold Spring Harbor Laboratories, Cold Spring Harbor, NY, August 2012.

Robert Siegfried (Mathematics and Computer Science) published, with Daniel M. Greco ’13, Nicholas G. Miceli ’12 and J.P. Siegfried, “Whatever Happened to Richard Reid’s List of First Programming Languages?” in Information Systems Education Journal, 10, p. 24–30, 2012.

Lawrence Sullivan (Political Science) published Leadership and Authority in China, 1905-1976 (Lanham: Lexington Books, 2012).

Melissa VanAlstine-Parris (Chemistry) published, with M. Wentland, S. Jo, J. Gargano, D. Cohen and J. Bidlack, “Redefining the Structureactivity Relationships of 2,6-methano- 3-benzazocines. Part 8. High Affinity Ligands for Opioid Receptors in the Picomolar Ki Range: Oxygenated N-(2-[1,1’-biphenyl]- 4-ylethyl) Analogues of 8-CAC” in Bioorganic & Medicinal Chemistry Letters, October 2012; with J. Yang, J.G. Phillips, M.P. Wentland and L.B. Hough, “Cytochrome P450 2C24: Expression, Tissue Distribution, High-throughput Assay, and Pharmacological Inhibition” in the Acta Pharmaceutica Sinica B, 2, p. 137–145, 2012. She presented, with J. Fowler, L. Raymond, N. Rayani. G. Polson, K. Sikorski and A. Lian, “Screening Vorozole on a Series of Human Liver Cytochrome P450s” at the 243rd ACS National Meeting & Exposition, San Diego, CA, March 2012.

Priya Wadhera (Languages and International Studies) published “The Part and the Whole” a translation, with K. Minturn, of Hubert Damisch’s 1970 article, “La Partie et Le Tout,” in Art in Translation, 4 (2), p. 245–265, 2012. She also published “Fêter la Copie, Brouiller L’original: L’esthétique Postmoderne de Perec et de Warhol” in Modern Language Notes, 127 (4), p. 846–864, 2012. Dr. Wadhera chaired the roundtable, “How to Read Books,” at the 20th and 21st-Century French and Francophone Studies International Colloquium, California State University, Long Beach, CA, March 2012. She also conceived and chaired the panel, “‘Privés de Repas du Soir’: Meals and Memories in George Perec’s W ou Le Souvenir d’Enfance,” at the Northeastern Modern Language Association Convention, University at Rochester, Rochester, NY, March 2012.

Andrea Ward (Biology) published, with N. Damos, “The Homology and Origins of Intermuscular Bones in Fishes: Phylogenetic or Biomechanical Determinants?” in the Biological Journal of the Linnean Society, 106, p. 607–622, 2012; and, with N.J. Kley, “Effects of Precaudal Elongation on Visceral Topography in a Basal Clade of Ray-Finned Fishes” in the Anatomical Record, 295, p. 289–297, 2012. She presented, with C. Flynn, K. Jagnandan and C. Sanford, “Kinematics and Muscle Activity Patterns of Two Distinct Escape Behaviors in South American Lungfish” at the American Society of Ichthyologists and Herpetologists, Vancouver, BC, Canada, August 2012. She presented three papers at the Society of Integrative and Comparative Biology Annual Meeting, Charleston, SC, January 2012: with C. Reynaga, D. Collar and R. Mehta, “A Revised Metric to Quantify Body Shape Diversity in Vertebrates”; with R. Aluck, “Fish out of Water: Evaluating the Use of Substrate during Terrestrial Excursions”; and, with K. Ackerly, “More of a Good Thing: the Positive Relationship Between Vertebral Number and Performance.”

Courtney Weida (Art and Art History) participated in the following exhibitions: MULTIPLES: Radical Printmaking Exhibition, a night of art, music and performance at Bluestockings, New York, NY, November 2012; Home Exhibition, a collaborative installation, at the Casita Maria Center for Art & Education, Bronx, NY, October 2012; Grand Harvest Group Exhibition, a juried group exhibition, at the Williamsburg Art and Historical Center, Brooklyn, NY, October 2012; Power, Politics, and Performance, an invitational, collaborative exhibition as part of the Women’s Studies Conference, Madison, WI, September 2012; Art House Co-op: Sketchbook Project and Exhibition, a group exhibition and project in Brooklyn, NY, June 2012; Cyberfeast III: Kitchen Gallery Exhibition, an invited group exhibition documenting food and mealtimes with hand-drawn napkins at the Park Bank National Art Gallery, Battavia, OH, May 2012; Paradise Lost Exhibition, a juried group exhibition of works based on the eponymous John Milton poem, Brooklyn, NY, April 2012; National Art Education Association Convention Exhibition: International Fiber Collaborative, serving as assistant curator, during the Annual National Art Education Association Convention, New York, NY, April 2012; Drift Station Temporary Library Gallery Exhibition: Zine Bookstore, a group exhibition, Lincoln, NB, March 2012; and Williamsburg Art & Historical Center Salon Art Exhibition, a juried group show, Brooklyn, NY, January 2012. She authored the book chapter “‘Soft Stuff’: Community, Identity, and Contemporary Craft in Education” in The Heart of Art Education: Holistic Approaches to Creativity, Integration & Transformation, p. 141–148 (Reston: National Art Education Association, 2012); and “Counterculture, Craftsmanship, and Cyberspace Connectivity: Considerations of Contemporary Feminist Zines in/as/of Art Education” in Feminist Cyberspaces: Pedagogy in Transition, p. 33–50 (Newcastle upon Tyne: Cambridge Scholars Publishing, 2012). She presented: “Notable Women in Art” at the Long Island Art League, Dix Hills, NY, March 2012; “Exploring Nature Through Trees, Papermaking, and Books” at the NY State Outdoor Education Conference, Brookhaven National Laboratory, Upton, NY, October 2012; with C. Bradbury and K. Edwards, “Violent Remains: Past and Future” in BABEL Working Group Biennial Conference: The Question of Disciplinarity in the Post/ Medieval University at Northeastern University, Boston, MA, September 2012; and “Gender, Aesthetics, and Sexuality in Play: Uneasy Lessons from Girls’ Dolls, Action Figures, and Television Programs” at the National Art Education Association Convention, New York, NY, March 2012.

Matthew Wright (Physics) presented “Cold Source for Atom and Molecule Laser Cooling Experiments” at Westminster College, New Wilmington, PA, February 2012, and at AMO Seminar, University of Connecticut, Storrs, CT, February 2012. He presented, with G.K. Drayna, E. Chae, B. Hemmerling and J.M. Doyle, “Progress Towards MOTs of Yb and CaF, Loaded from a Slow Buffer-gas Beam” at the 23rd International Conference on Atomic Physics ICAP 2012, Palaiseau, France, July 2012.

Brian Wygal (Anthropology and Sociology) published, with T. Goebel, “Early Prehistoric Archaeology of the Middle Susitna Valley, Alaska” in Arctic Anthropology, 49 (1), p. 45–67, 2012. He presented “The Microblade/Non-Microblade Dichotomy: Climatic Implications, Toolkit Variability, and the Role of Tiny Tools in Eastern Beringia” at the 77th Annual Meetings of the Society for American Archaeology in Memphis, TN, April 2012. He presented three papers at the 39th Annual Meetings of the Alaska Anthropological Association in Seattle, WA, February–March 2012: with N. Hernandez and K.E. Krasinki, “Discovering Chronology: Results of the 2011 Adelphi Archaeological Field School in the Susitna Valley, Alaska”; with K.E. Krasinki and R.M. Tedor, “New Lacustrine Archaeological Localities at Volkmar Lake, Tanana Valley, Alaska”; and “Cold Case: Archaeological Interpretations for Post-Glacial Adaptations in Southcentral Alaska.”

Sokthan Yeng (Philosophy) authored, with Mark Grabowski (Communications), the book chapter, “To Post or Not to Post: Ethics of Mugshot Websites” in Digital Ethics (Oxford: Peter Lang, 2012). He presented “Descartes’ Meditations and Irigaray’s Yoga” at Shifting Subjectivities: Descartes in the 21st Century, Romeoville, IL, February 2012, and “The Biopolitics of Religion: Biologizing and Racing Religion” at the North Texas Philosophical Association 45th Anniversary Meeting, University of North Texas, Denton, TX, April 2012.

This piece appeared in the Erudition 2013 edition.

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