A comprehensive listing of faculty scholarship and creative work in 2010.

Anagnostis Agelarakis (Anthropology and Sociology) presented the following: “Parian Polyandria and SocioPolitical and Military Organizational Capacities During the Late Eighth Century BC/BCE, and Inferences to the Colonization Efforts at Thasos Island: An Inter-Island Study” at the Conférences Maison René Ginouvés, CNRS Université de Paris I Université de Paris Quest Nanterre La Défense Ministére de la Culture, Paris, France, November 2010; “Auditory Exostoses, Infracranial Skeleto-Muscular Changes and maritime Activities at Thasos Island: A Nexus Between Archaeo-Anthropologic and Ethnohistoric Studies, Abstract, Corps. Travail et Statut Social” at the Maison de la Recherche, Université Charles-de-Gaule-Lille, Villeneuve-d’Ascq, France, November 2010; “Destined to Succeed. The Clazomenean Colonization at Abdera in Retrospect as Substantiated by the Anthropological Record: Demographic/Paleopathologic Comparisons with the Klazomenaean Metropolis” at the CNRS Université de Paris I Université de Paris Quest Nanterre La Défense Ministére de la Culture, Paris, France, November 2010; “Polystylon: A Thracian Byzantine Town in the Context of Historical Developments during the Sixth-14th Centuries as Depicted by its Archaeo-Anthropological Record” at the 36 th Annual Byzantine Studies Conference, University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, PA, October 2010; and the coauthored paper, “Burial Customs at the Island of Thasos from the Neolithic to the Hellenistic Periods,” at the Kavala in the Balkans and Thrace from Antiquity to modern Times Tri-Prefecture Conference, Demokritian University and University of Cyprus, Historic and Literary Society of kavala, September 2010.

Regina Axelrod (Political Science) published, with S. VanDeveer and D. Downie, The Global Environment: Institutions, Law, and Policy, 3rd Edition (Washington, D.C.: CQ Press, 2011), which received a Choice outstanding academic title award.

Judith Baumel (English) published The Kangaroo Girl (Grafton: GenPop Books, 2010).

Sean Bentley (Physics) received a U.S. Patent for “Interferometric method for Improving the Resolution of a Lithograph System” (U.S. Patent 7,859,646; December 2010).

Stephen Bloch (Mathematics and Computer Science) wrote Picturing Programs: An Introduction to Computer Programming (London: College Publications, 2010).

Sidney Boquiren (Music) had his following compositions performed: “The Decent Existence,” Tokyo, Japan, November 2010; and “Odes to Earth and Air” and “We Will Not Be Silent,” Adelphi University, Garden City, NY, October 2010.

Robert Bradley (Mathematics and Computer Science) and Salvatore Petrilli (Mathematics and Computer Science) published the article, “Servois’ 1814 Essay on a New method of Exposition of the Principles of the Differential Calculus, with an English Translation” in Convergence, 7, (2010, 11). He presented “Euler’s Algebraic Analysis” at the Euler Society Annual meeting, Adelphi University, Garden City, NY, July 2010.

Melanie Bush (Anthropology and Sociology) published the book, Everyday Forms of Whiteness: Understanding Race in a “Post-Racial” World, Second Edition, (Lanham: Rowman and Littlefield Publishers, 2010). She presented the lecture, “Understanding Race in a “Post-Racial” World” at molloy College, mILL Program, December 2010. She participated in the discussion, “Is This the End of Culture?” at the American Anthropological Association, New Orleans, LA, November 2010. Dr. Bush also published Breaking the Code of Good Intentions: Everyday Forms of Whiteness, Second Edition (Lanham: Rowman and Littlefield Publishers, Inc., 2010).

Beth Christensen (Environmental Studies) coauthored with Robert Weltner, Adelphi master’s student Robert Aluck, and Adelphi student Danielle Bissett, “State of Seafloor and Sewage Outfall Pipes offshore Jones Beach NY,” which was presented at the metropolitan Association of College and University Biologists meeting, molloy College, Rockville Centre, NY, October 23, 2010.

Martha Cooley (English) published the short story, “Her Burrow,” in BEYOND, 3, 2010; the essay, “This Island,” in The Southampton Review, August 2010; and, with A. Romani, “Two Poems by Giampiero Neri” translations in West Branch, November 2010. She presented “Fiction Workshop Leader, Griselda Scrittura Writing Laboratory” in Certaldo, Italy, August 2010.

Anton Dudley (English) wrote “Eliot and Honor” Actor’s Choice: Scenes for Teens and Letters to the End of the World (New York: Playscripts, Inc. 2010).

Matthias Foellmer (Biology) published, with S. Inkpen, “Sex-Specific Foraging Behaviours and Growth Rates in Juveniles Contribute to the Development of Extreme Sexual Size Dimorphism in a Spider” in The Open Ecology Journal, 3, (2010, 8). He presented the lecture, “Striking Examples of “Dead-End” Evolutionary Pathways” at Humboldt Field Research Institute, Steuben, ME, August 2010. Dr. Foellmer presented, with M. Marson and J. Moya-Laraño, “Testing the Revised Gravity Hypothesis for Body Size Evolution in a Highly Dimorphic Orb-Web Spider: Large Dwarfs Climb Faster” at the International Arachnology Conference, Siedcle, Poland, July 2010.

Carson Fox (Art and Art History) participated in three public lectures: “Emerging Artist Strategies” at the University of Charleston, Charleston, SC, 2010 and at Boston University, Boston, mA, 2010; and “Ice Storm” at the Redux Center for Contemporary Art, Charleston, SC, 2010.

Margaret Gray (Political Science) presented “The Food Movement and the Political Economy of Labor” at Lavoro in Frantumi: Vita, Lavoro e Conflitto Sociale Nell’orizzonte del Capitalismo Biopolitico (Shattered Work: Life, Labor, and Social Conflict in the Era of Biopolitical Capitalism), University of Bologna, Bologna, Italy, November 2010; and “Sustainable for Whom? Social Justice and the Locavore Food Movement” at the American Political Science Association Annual meeting, Washington, D.C., September 2010. She published “Review of Why David Sometimes Wins: Leadership, Organization, and Strategy in the California Farm Worker Movement by Marshall Ganz and Streetwise for Book Smarts: Grassroots Organizing and Education Reform in the Bronx by Celina Su” in Perspectives on Politics, 8 (3), September 2010.

Shawn Kaplan (Philosophy) presented “Beyond Justifying Emergencies” at the Conference on War and Self-Defense, University of Sheffield, Sheffield, United kingdom, August 2010.

Hanna Kim (Anthropology and Sociology) presented three papers: “Charity and Service: The Public Face of 21 st Century Swaminarayan Bhakti” and “Community and Its Juggling of Different Imaginaries” at the European Conference on modern South Asian Studies, Bonn, Germany, July 2010; and “Bewitched and Bothered in Swaminarayan Akshardham: Boat Rides, Exhibitions, and the Trial of Representing Hinduism” at the American Academy of Religion, Atlanta, GA, November 2010. She published the book review, “The Golden Triangle: An Ethno-Semiotic Tour of Present-Day India, by Arthur Asa Berger” in Contemporary South Asia, v. 18 (4), 2010.

Katie Laatikainen (Political Science) published “multilateral Leadership at the U.N. after the Lisbon Treaty” in European Foreign Affairs Review, 5 (4), (2010, 9). She presented “multilateralism and multipolarity” at Europe in Global Governance: Performance, Reform, Power, Rapallo, Italy, October 2010.

Cindy Maguire (Art and Art History) showcased her work in the group exhibition, “Snap to Grid,” Los Angeles, CA, November 2010. She published, with T. Lenihan, “Fostering Capabilities Toward Social Justice in Art Education” in the Journal of Cultural Research in Art Education, 28, (2010, 7). Dr. maguire presented “Big Ideas and Essential Questions in the Elementary Art Classroom” at the New York State Art Teacher’s Association, Rochester, NY, November 2010.

Kellyann Monaghan (Art and Art History) led the organization of the exhibitions, “Print Works, Group Exhibition” at the Barrett Art Center, Poughkeepsie, NY, July 2010; and “Small Works Invitational” at The Painting Center, New York, NY, December 2010.

Michael Matto (English) edited, with G. Delanty, The Word Exchange: Anglo-Saxon Poems in Translation (New York: W.W. Norton, 2010).

Georgia Newlin (Music) presented the following: “DmA” at Boston Area Kodály Educators, Boston, MA, September 2010; “Master Teacher” at the Kodály Workshop, James Madison University, Harrisonburg, VA, July 2010; and “Faculty” at the Vocal Arts Choral Camp, Harrisonburg, VA, July 2010.

Salvatore Petrilli (Mathematics and Computer Science), with B. Stillman, presented “Geometric Constructions Using GeoGebra” at the Teachers Teaching and Technology Regional Conference, Molloy College, Rockville Centre, NY, November 2010.

Gottipaty Rao (Physics) and Adelphi Research Coordinator Andreas Karpf cowrote “High Sensitivity Detection of NO2 Employing Cavity Ringdown Spectroscopy and an External Cavity Continuously Tunable Quantum Cascade Laser” in Applied Optics, 49, (2010, 10).

Robert Siegfried (Mathematics and Computer Science), with J. DiLallo, P. Breitwieser, M. Enriquez, and R. Stoll, presented “Are American College Homepages Accessible? Does It Matter?” at the 2010 International Conference on Frontiers in Education: Computer Science and Computer Engineering, Las Vegas, NV, July 2010.

Andrea Ward (Biology) published two articles: with R. Mehta, “Axial Elongation in Fishes: Using Morphological Approaches to Elucidate Developmental Mechanisms in Studying Body Shape” and, with R. Mehta, M. Alfaro, and P. Wainwright, “Body Elongation in Eels” in Integrative and Comparative Biology, 50, (2010, 12).

Igor Webb (English) published “Later” in The Hudson Review, 2010, and “The Death Paintings” in The Notre Dame Review, 29, 2010. He presented “’The Sweetest Expression’: Realism as Fact and Fiction” at the Association of Literary Critics, Scholars, and Writers, Princeton University, Princeton, NJ, December 2010.

Courtney Weida (Art and Art History) exhibited her work at the New York Open Center Graphic Novel Works-in-Progress at the New York Open Center, New York, NY, August 2010; “Practice What You Teach: Art Educators as Working Artists” at the Columbia University Teachers College Alumni Exhibition, New York, NY, September 2010; “PAGES: Book as Medium, Catalyst Venue” in Kansas City, MO, November 2010; “Art From Detritus: Recycling with Imagination” at the Group Exhibition, New York, NY, November 2010. She published “Fresh Pots and Clay Bodies” in Antennae: The Journal of Nature in Visual Culture, 15, (2010, 12). She presented “Gender, Aesthetics, and Sexuality in Play: Uneasy Lessons from Girls’ Dolls and Action Figures” at the Women’s Studies Conference, Marist College, Poughkeepsie, NY, October 2010.

Brian T. Wygal (Anthropology and Sociology) wrote “Prehistoric Upland Tool Production in the Central Alaska Range” in the Alaska Journal of Anthropology, 8, (2010, 12). He presented “Archaeological Exploration in Denali National Park and Preserve” at the 18th Annual Arctic Conference, Bryn Mawr, PA, November 2010, and with K. Krasinski, published “Archaeological Exploration of Denali National Park and Preserve (2006–2009)” at the National Park Service, Denali Park, Ak, July 2010.

This piece appeared in the Erudition 2011 edition.

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