A comprehensive listing of faculty scholarship and creative work in 2010.

Allan Ashley and Jayen Patel presented “The Effect of the Work Environment on Performance of Large Corporations” at the International Academy of Business and Economics Meetings, Las Vegas, NV, October 2010, which was published in the Journal of International Business and Economics, 10 (4), (2010, 9).

James Hazy, Joyce Silberstang, and Jeffrey Goldstein presented “A Complexity Model of Innovation and Entrepreneurship: Context, Mechanisms, and Emergence” at the Best Conceptual Paper Award: Academy of Management Annual Meeting, Montreal, Canada, August 2010.

Graham Henning presented “The Language of Tourism: An Alternative View” at the First International Tourism Conference, Beyond the Boundary: Creating New Epistemologies, Barbados, December 2010.

Maryanne Hyland and David Prottas presented “Testing Relationships of Work and Home Flexibility and Permeability with Cross-Border Spillovers” at the Academy of Management 2010 Conference, Montreal, Canada, August 2010.

Nicholas Koumbiadis published, with J. Okpara, “North Strategic Export Orientation and Internationalization Barriers: Evidence from SMEs in a Developing Economy” in the Journal of International Business and Cultural Studies, 4, (2010, 7). He, Jack Angel, and Grace Conway published “An Empirical Study in Ethical Perception: Will the Mandated AICPA Curriculum Change Differ between Those Who Have an Ethics Course or Not?” in the World Journal of Management, 2 (3), (2010, 9). They also presented “Ethical Perception of Accounting Staff Employees: An Exploratory Study of Leadership in Light of the Current Economic Crisis” at the Academy of Business Disciplines 12 th Annual Conference, Fort myers Beach, FL, November 2010.

Sviatoslav Moskalev published “The Effect of Investor Protection on Forms and Ownership of FDI” in the International Journal of Economics and Business Research, 2(6), (2010, 10).

Jayen Patel wrote “The Holiday Effect and Daily Stock Returns in the Indian Stockmarket” in the Journal of International Finance and Economics, 3, (2010, 10).

Soon Ryoo presented “Long Waves and Short Cycles in a Model of Endogenous Financial Fragility” at the Research Network Macroeconomics and Macroeconomic Policies, Berlin, Germany, October 2010.

Joyce Silberstang presented “Negotiating Career Advancement: Upward Mobility in a Downsized Economy” at the Bard Globalization and International Affairs Alumni Advisory Board, New York, NY, October 2010.

Darko Skorin-Kapov published “On Primal-Dual Cost Allocation Schema in Multicast Communication: Combinatorial Game Theory Model” in Proceedings of The 17th International Conference on Industrial Engineering and Engineering Management (Xiamen: IEEE Press, 2010).

Monica Yang presented “Outward Foreign Direct Investment Strategies by Firms from Emergent Markets: Literature Review” at the American Association for Chinese Studies, Wake Forest University, Winston-Salem, NC, October 2010.

Jiang Zhang cowrote two articles: with M. Sobel, “Financial Optimal Inventory Policies with Nonlinear Replenishment Costs” in the Asia Pacific Journal of Operational Research, 27 (4), (2010, 8); and, with Y. He, “Random Yield Supply Chain with a Yield Dependent Secondary Market” in the European Journal of Operational Research, 206 (1), (2010, 10).

This piece appeared in the Erudition 2011 edition.

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