Since 2013, William Fuessler '79 has been recruiting Adelphi graduates as IBM entry-level rotational consultants.

Every year IBM recruits close to 1,000 recent college graduates from around the world for its entry-level rotational consulting program. In the United States, the recruiting for this Consulting by Degrees program typically takes place at a handful of big-name universities. Thanks to alumnus and Trustee William Fuessler ’79, IBM has been recruiting for its program at Adelphi since 2013.

Over the last three years, IBM has hired eight graduating Adelphi seniors. All are still with the company and are thriving. “We’ve continued to be successful in recruiting at Adelphi because all the Adelphi recruits have done so well,” Fuessler said.

Graduates who join the program spend two years rotating through different consulting practice areas within IBM, gaining skills as they go but also trying on different types of work for fit. After completing the program, some move on to other firms or graduate school. Some, like several of the Adelphi alumni, are hired on as IBM consultants at the next level.

The recruitment process is an intensive one. Applicants must have at least a 3.2  GPA, and out of the dozens who apply, only a small group will be called for interviews. One of the rounds of interviews consists of a 30-minute case study. Recruiters observe the applicants as they solve a fictional consulting problem.

Fuessler has been a partner in IBM’s consulting practice for the past 14 years. Earlier this year, he joined Adelphi’s Board of Trustees. Speaking as the father of three, he said, “You want your child to get a lot out of college, but you definitely want your graduate to get a job.” He hoped to give Adelphi students a chance at that crucial next step.

Thinking Big

The idea of recruiting at Adelphi came to Fuessler when he looked around at his fellow IBM partners. Many of them, like himself, had come from smaller local schools. It made sense to look back to a school like Adelphi for the next generation of leaders.

The results for IBM have been nothing but positive, he said, adding, “Recruiting students from a broader range of backgrounds definitely makes us stronger. In consulting, you always need people who see things through a different lens.”

Fuessler encourages other alumni to join him in recruiting Adelphi graduates. “If your company has a program, see what you can do to open it up to Adelphi,” he said. “Your legacy is recruiting the next generation.”

He hopes that students from an even broader range of disciplines will consider applying for IBM’s program. “We’re not just looking for business graduates, he said. “English majors, psychology majors—we’re looking for the best and brightest from every background.”

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