Every opportunity you receive is an opportunity to learn; do not pass it up.

Transferring to Adelphi last January, I wanted to start my business career right away. So, before the semester even started, I scheduled a meeting with the internship coordinator, Professor Neil Halloran. I discussed my interests with Neil and he sent my resume out to a number of firms.

Right away, I had a variety of interviews scheduled, and as a result, I selected the New York Cosmos as my first internship. I worked with them from March 2016 to November 2016. During the Summer of 2016, I decided to go back home to Chicago. After browsing for a number of positions, I ultimately decided to work for Copa America for the duration of the summer. Both of these internships were truly unbelievable experiences that helped me rediscover my love for the sport of soccer. Through these two internships, I developed the important skill of time management, further developed my communication skills, and learned the importance of team work.

Coming back to Adelphi in Fall 2016, I secured an internship with the New York Islanders as a Community Relations Intern. Through this experience, I gained valuable insight into how the sports world operates “behind the scenes.” I also assisted with (and attended) offsite promotional events across Long Island and New York City. Specifically, I helped coordinate events for the Islanders Children’s Foundation and NHL’s “Stand Up to Cancer” Foundation.

Beginning in January 2017, I landed an internship with Nicholas & Lence Communications as a PR/Marketing intern. During my time there, I assisted with implementing social media and research strategies for over forty clients. I also tracked clients’ media coverage in addition to developing marketing materials for the launch of The Ark at JFK, the CityWide Ferry Service, and The New York Wheel.

For the Summer of 2017, I will be working for K-Force, which is one of the premier recruiting agencies in the United States. During my time here I will be working under two executives, and I will be given the opportunity to further develop my marketing, research and sales skills.

Each internship I have held has helped me build a foundation that will benefit me for years to come. I still keep in touch with various contacts from every organization that I have worked for by either asking for advice or to simply touch base with them to see how life is going. The most important thing I’ve learned from these internships is the importance of communication. It is said that, “the biggest communication problem is that we do not listen to understand. We listen to reply.” Listen to what they are telling you, take this information and use it. Every day, you should strive to learn something.

My short-term goal is to secure a job in New York City. I’ve moved here with the aspirations to work in New York City and I plan on accomplishing this goal upon my graduation in December. Once I accomplish this goal and become settled at my first job, I plan on using my diverse connections to help build a bridge between companies in New York City and Adelphi. I want to help future Adelphi students accomplish the same dreams that I once had. I believe that internships give you the best opportunity to succeed in life after college. Internships offer that first “taste” of reality, and show you what the “real world” is like. Every opportunity you receive is an opportunity to learn; do not pass it up.

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