Backing up your files might seem like a pain, but it’s no comparison to rewriting that paper due tomorrow

back up your files

Have you seen this poster around Adelphi? It was designed by Crissy Bilardello ’13.

It’s happened to everyone; you’re only a few pages short of that 15-page paper you’ve been meticulously working on for days and then, it’s gone. You don’t know how and you don’t know why but you know you can’t find it.

We all have been warned about the importance of backing up our file but it’s not until we are combing through our files looking for our lost paper that we wish we had listened to the advice.

It’s important to remember that you personal computers houses some of your most personal documents: photos, papers, music, and class notes. All can be lost in a matter of seconds.  Although it can seem like a chore, backing up your computer will save you a lot of heartache and tears in the computer.

It was only a few years ago that you had only a few options when backing up your files. If you waited long enough between backing up sessions it could take you hours to drag and drop files onto CD’s, external hard drives, and other USB devices. While it is still recommended to use one of these avenues to back-up your already backed up files, there are easier ways to back-up your important files.

Cloud based storage systems (e.g. Dropbox and Sugarsync) are quickly becoming more and more popular among students. This web-based storage solution allows easy setup and give users a certain amount of storage for free. You can use cloud based storage systems to host some of your most important documents on the Internet, making them accessible from any web-enabled device. However, if you need more storage you may have to pay for it.

There are also online backup services you can pay for. They manage all your files on your computer for you. Although it has been stated that even though the files are “backed up” it’s not always as easy to retrieve them. So it’s best to test the use of your online services before buying a long-term subscription.

Whatever methods you ultimately decide to use all the experts agree, more than one file backup scheme is important if you plan on never losing those all important files.

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