Authors Bernice Sims, M.S.W. ’82, Charles Rice-Gonzalez ’85 and alumna Jacqueline Woodson spoke to AU VU about their art and the motivation behind it.

For many of us, reading or writing is a way to make sense of the world. In a favorite book, we might find a role model or a reflection of ourselves and our lives. We love to identify with characters. And, sometimes, when we are unable to find a character that we can relate to—or want others to know—we create our own. That is what authors Bernice Sims, M.S.W. ’82, Charles Rice-Gonzalez ’85 and alumna Jacqueline Woodson have done. In separate interviews, they spoke to AU VU about their art and the motivation behind it.

» Jacqueline Woodson – Creating Windows and Mirrors to Change the World

» Charles Rice Gonzalez ’85 – A Voice for the Bronx

» Bernice Sims, M.S.W. ’82 – Memorializing Fallen Heroes 

This article was published in AU VU Magazine, Fall 2015 issue.

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