The Student Action Committee (SAC) at Derner aims to enhance the student learning environment.

By Christy Denckla, M.A.

The Student Action Committee (SAC) at Adelphi University’s Derner Institute of Advanced Psychological Studies, established in the spring of 2010, aims to enhance our student learning environment. The conditions under which we study, practice, and seek to better ourselves are of central importance and we are devoted to promoting a range of innovative and student-driven initiatives toward achieving that end. We envisioned our role as advocates and resources for both students and faculty interested in contributing to the advancement of our educational aims. Our intent is to proactively assess the student environment and offer necessary improvements, while representing the diverse opinions in the student body.

In order to achieve those aims, SAC requested regular monthly meetings between student representatives, administrative faculty, and the Director of the Center for Psychological Services & Field Placement. Additionally, SAC invited three faculty members to also serve on the committee in order to liaison with staff and faculty. We reasoned that this structure would give class representatives and faculty the opportunity to respond to creative ideas and suggestions in a tighter time frame. A direct benefit is that issues can be addressed before they become bigger problems. In addition, regular meetings allow class representatives to take on a greater ‘advocacy role’ – responding to program needs with innovation, creativity, and vision.

Since established, SAC has completed a number of projects that directly advance the aims established in our mission statement. Some of the projects include:

  1. SAC sponsored Psychopharmacology Clinical Skill Building Workshop, delivered by Dr. Arnold Winston on April 25, 2012.
  2. Improvements at Adelphi University’s Manhattan Center in coordination with Dr. Jonathan Jackson, to include: new lighting, cleaned spaces, new clocks, wall hangings, new chairs, session recording devices, and play therapy supplies.
  3. Paid diagnostic testing opportunities.
  4. Substantive input into revised evaluation procedures.
  5. Increasing role as communication liaisons between faculty and students.
  6. SAC-hosted Holiday Party, December 2011.
Published 2012 in Day Residue the Derner Institute Doctoral Student Newsletter

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