In Haiti, Gharvhel Carré spent his time trying to help those less fortunate than him. Now, he's working toward his double-major in physics and computer science to do the same.

“Caring and bold.” These are the words Gharvhel Carré, a junior double-majoring in physics and computer science, uses to describe himself. “Caring,” because while growing up in Haiti, he reached across class lines to befriend his less fortunate schoolmates who were struggling with racism, inequality and injustice. “Bold,” because he’s undaunted by his goal to complete a double major and the Levermore Global Scholars program in three years before continuing to Columbia University as part of Adelphi’s joint degree program.

As the son of the president of Haiti’s spokesperson, Carré grew up in a relatively affluent home in one of the world’s poorest nations. One day he failed to remember a lesson, and his teacher punished him by smacking his hand with a ruler. It was a typical punishment made unusual by the fact that the ruler—all the rulers, in fact—had Carré’s name on it because they’d been purchased by his family. While punishing him, the teacher insinuated that his performance in school hardly mattered since, due to his social position, Carré would “succeed with ease.” It opened Carré’s eyes to the divide between himself and his classmates; even more so after his mother disagreed more with the teacher’s actions than his words. As a result, Carré began to befriend his fellow students, inviting them into the family home. “I allowed them through a door they would most likely not have been able to open due to the economic gaps in Haiti, and they taught me to give to others as others will give back,” he said.

Due to political instability, his family decided to seek asylum in the United States and moved to Long Island in 2007. A few years later, at age 16, Carré enrolled at Adelphi, where he is active in LGS—both as a member and administrative assistant—as well as Pi Lambda Phi and other campus organizations. “I am a Levermore Global Scholar, simply because I want to leave a legacy by positively impacting the world around me,” he said, adding that in LGS and Pi Lambda Phi, he’s “surrounded by students who are as eager as me to make positive change and be leaders in various ways. We have grown to love, care for and aid one another.”

Carré’s professional goal is to “be remembered as a major contributor to science,” he said. “I want to be one of the greatest minds of the 21st century.” Once he earns his degrees, he expects to pursue a career in either robotics or software engineering. No doubt his great mind will be matched by a heart that continues to work to advance humanity. “I left Haiti eight years ago,” he said, “and to this day, I still go beyond myself to help those around me.”


Gharvhel Carré (left) joins the Adelphi University community on the University Center Plaza to stand in support of the University of Missouri students who were threatened in retaliation for their efforts to make their community a more inclusive and respectful place.

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