Find out who holds the records for Adelphi's Strongest Man and Woman.

On Tuesday, May 5, Campus Recreation hosted the “Cinco De Lifto” Weightlifting Competition in the Woodruff Hall Fitness Center.

Adelphi’s Strongest Man Award for 2015
Nazariy Hrynkiw

Nazariy lifted a total of 995 lbs for all three lifts (squat, bench press and deadlift). He lifted 5.97 pounds per pound of body weight.

Adelphi’s Strongest Woman Award for 2015
Monica Rosenberg

Monica lifted a total of 655 lbs for all three lifts (squat, bench press and deadlift). She lifted 4.19 pounds per pound of body weight.
Strongest-Male-2015 Strongest-Female-2015 
The winners posed for photos with John Petrizzo, Assistant Professor, Exercise Science.

Adelphi’s Individual Lift Record Holders

Men Women
Squat – 385 lbs held by Anders E. Rasmussen (2015) & Anesio Ferreria (2015) Squat – 245 lbs held by Monica Rosenberg (2015)
Bench press – 345 lbs held by Anesio Ferreria (2015) Bench press – 130 lbs held by Monica Rosenberg (2015)
Deadlift – 495 lbs held by Anesio Ferreria (2015) Deadlift – 280 lbs held by Monica Rosenberg (2015)


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