“Adelphi University is, and continues to be, one of the best things to have happened to me in my life….The liveliness of students around campus gave the large-campus appeal for one-tenth of the volume.”

Member of Adelphi University’s 10 Under 10

Mathematics Teacher, West Hempstead Union Free School District

Charalambos “Harry” Loizides ‘11, MA ‘14 finds inspiration within every person he meets. From fellow Panthers and professors to his high school students and community members, Loizides celebrates the hard work of his peers, and fuels the drive to be the best in others and himself.

As a first-generation American from immigrant parents, Harry Loizides felt concerned and cautious about applying and deciding on a college. Arriving on the Garden City campus to visit, “I had a gut feeling that this was the one….I could feel the community, positivity, and excitement that Adelphi University offered.”

Loizides found inspiration among his fellow students, especially Teresa (Pisano) Blaskopf, his orientation leader and friend. She opened the door to involvement in campus life, encouraging Loizides to become involved. He ran for (and won) the position of class president, volunteered as an EXCEL mentor, and became a resident assistant and the Student Government Association president as well.

And it was not only the students that drew Loizides to Adelphi, it was also the education. Small classes offering meaningful engagement with faculty and students was a great appeal. Professor Lee Stemkoski’s words to his class, “You learn math by doing math,” resonated with Loizides. He uses the phrase often now with his own students.

Part of his advice to current Adelphi students is “don’t limit yourself to what’s familiar, experiment with your experiences.” Loizides took his own advice early in his career, changing from his job as finance administrator at a law firm to return to Adelphi to pursue his MA in mathematics education. Back on campus, he became further involved in campus life as the graduate assistant for the International Student Office and Interfaith Center.

After graduating with his master’s degree, Loizides began working in the West Hempstead Union Free School District in 2014 as a mathematics teacher and advisor to the incoming freshmen. As the Class of 2018 advisor, he became immersed in educating the “entire student”–both in and out of the classroom.

Loizides is especially proud of the implementation of Lucasfilm’s “Force for Change” initiative at West Hempstead. What began as a sophomore year theme (inspired by Star Wars) became a community-wide event to bring a positive force into communities around the world. The program drew the support of local companies and raised $1,100 for families in need. Two years later, as seniors, the students reinstituted the project, raising nearly $3,000 for area families. Loizides found his students’ extended desire to step up and give back as leaders inspiring.

Loizides knows how good giving back feels. After graduating from Adelphi, he remained active in his fraternity, Kappa Sigma. Shortly after obtaining his undergraduate degree, Loizides began volunteering as the alumnus advisor to the Omicron-Epsilon chapter of the fraternity. He is now the District Grand Master of the Long Island District for Kappa Sigma, overseeing all chapters and volunteers in the area.

His advice to current students is to follow your passions. “Don’t limit yourself to what’s familiar…If I never pursued ventures that were unfamiliar, uncomfortable or even unintriguing at first, then I wouldn’t have created all the powerful and incredible milestones in my life.”

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