2015 Outstanding Long Island Executive

Carmine J. Pizzo is the President of INTELLI-TEC Security Services, LLC which is a provider of technically advanced electronic system solutions for Life Safety, Personal, and Property threat  or thief protection.

Mr. Pizzo started his career literally on the “first rung of the ladder” in the security industry. In 1974 as an apprentice with HONEYWELL Security based in New York City, he began his training in the installation department. With the guidance of senior mechanics he learned the tricks of the trade and crafted his skills in the Townhouse’s of wealthy NYC clients.

He gradually transitioned from a field position to a new role at a new company. At Eastern Alarm in Harrison New York, Carmine took on the challenge of service technician and quickly replaced his boss as the Service Manager. While in this job his contact with the company’s client base and ability to solve problems lead to his true calling, SALES.

During the 1980’s many small companies were combined in regional deals. Eastern Alarm was merged with ADCO FEDERAL of Westchester, a larger more commercial security company. This provided Mr. Pizzo a full time position in the sales department. It was only a short time before he became the top salesperson in the office.

In 1992 ADCO was acquired by ALARMGUARD. This company was a new breed in the industry. Not the small family owned type that grew organically but rather a planned corporate structured one driven to grow with the help of Wall Street venture capital. Its rise in the Northeast made ALARMGUARD the seventh largest company in the nation within a few years. With six offices and over thirty salespeople Mr. Pizzo was consistently one of the top three individuals with the highest annual sales.

In early 1999 ALARMGUARD was sold to giant ADT in a Wall Street success story for all the investors. However this was becoming a scene from Ground Hog Day for Carmine Pizzo. That was the last day he would work for someone and was the beginning of INTELLI-TEC.

On March 24, 1999 with the other founding members Marty and Matt McMillan, INTELLI-TEC, the idea the dream was created. Today with over fifty five employees and thousands of clients INTELLI-TEC’s market reach covers the Tri-State area and includes a few national accounts. INTELLI-TEC has grown due to its strong client relationships and solid work ethic of its staff.

Our cliental is that of Universities, Hospitals, high end residential and much more.

“My late partner and co-founder Marty McMillan always had a close relationship with Adelphi. I would like to thank him and the University Family for their support”.

Mr. Pizzo resides in Williston Park with his wife of thirty six years Marianne. They have three sons Christopher, Michael, and Nicholas.

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