University College sends off another batch of successful graduates.

by Stephen Levine

Accommodating. That seems to be the word that stuck out in the experiences of some of the most successful graduates of University College’s Class of 2013.

The College’s mission is to meet the needs of adult students who are either starting or continuing a college degree. Many of these individuals are changing or starting a new career and often have families, which is why the convenience is especially important.

“The experience was amazing,” University College student Sarah Zaino ’13 said. “I have no complaints. All the scheduling was convenient.”

As a natural science major, Ms. Zaino finished with the highest GPA in her program and was a recipient of the David Newton Award for Outstanding Achievement at the College’s pre-Commencement dinner. Ms. Zaino has been accepted into Pace University and looks forward to pursuing graduate studies there.

“It was a great feeling,” she said. “It’s an honor that I’m proud to share with my husband and my daughter.”

Some graduates took advantage of the online opportunity the college provides, including fellow David Newton Award recipient Nathan Greene ’13, from Buck County, North Carolina.

For Mr. Greene, the academic experience was “great.”

“The professors were very accommodating,” he said. “I did all my instruction online and that worked out very well.”

As a student in the emergency services administration program, Mr. Greene was able to take advantage of the online program offered through Moodle, which is an option for any University College degree program. Mr. Greene continues to work in North Carolina and is looking for a supervisory position, hoping to move up in his field. Now that he is more qualified with mixed media and has earned a bachelor’s degree, he has a better chance to advance.

“I certainly was honored [to receive the outstanding achievement award],” Mr. Greene said. “I didn’t get to be a part of the ceremony because I was in North Carolina, but the award was well worth the effort.”

Business major Sandra Tummolo ’13, also a David Newton Award recipient, came back to earn a bachelor’s degree at University College after earning an associate degree years earlier.

“My experience was positive,” Ms. Tummolo said. “The way the professors treat University College students is more geared toward adults. And I preferred the different types of learning.”

Now the award-winning college graduate is researching where she should pursue her master’s degree and hopes to see where her education can take her in four to five years.

“If you ever thought of could haves, should haves, would haves, this is the place for you,” Ms. Tummolo said. “I can’t tell you how good it felt to graduate.”

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