Justin Masone is an Exercise Science major with a minor in Art.

Interviewed and written by Peter Fisher, Intramural Sports Graduate Assistant

justin-masoneWhat programs are you involved with in campus rec?  
I am a member of both the Club Baseball and Club Basketball teams here on campus. I also participate in Intramural Sports; currently I am playing Flag Foot-ball and Soccer.

What else do you do on campus?
I work in Levermore at the Cashier’s Office helping students with their tuition and any other type of customer service needs they may have.

What’s your major?
I am an Exercise Science major with a minor in Art.

How has being involved in Campus Rec activities improved your college experience?

Being involved with Campus Rec has allowed me to expand my horizons on campus. Through being a part of the Intramural and Sport Club programs, I have met a lot of people who I am now very good friends with. It also has given me a way to stay active and be a part of campus life.

What advice do you have for underclassmen about being active on campus?
The advice I’d give to underclassmen would be to be as active as possible on campus. Being a small school it’s easy to get involved. Between fraternities, sport clubs or other clubs like Breaking Boundaries, it is easy to spend a lot of time on campus. I think it also allows students to find out what the school is all about and not just see it from the outside. 

For me, I played for four sports in high school, so when I got to Adelphi and didn’t play any varsity sports it was a change. Sport Clubs and Intramural Sports al-lowed me to stay active and appreciate being able to still participate in sports in some fashion.” 

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