Students and faculty offer their takes on what the Nexus Building and Welcome Center will offer, come Fall 2015.

We asked College of Nursing and Public Health students last spring: What are you hearing about the Nexus Building and Welcome Center? We also asked non-nursing students and faculty since the new building’s classrooms will be used by all Adelphi University students, come Fall 2015. Here’s what they had to say.


“I’m excited for the [Fall] 2015 opening of the Nexus Building. It will be the pinnacle of nursing education facilities on Long Island, with innovative classrooms and labs focused on a variety of nursing specialties. These new spaces will be a draw for students, like myself, who will be graduating and looking for a place to continue our education at the graduate level. I hope with the completion of the Nexus Building, we will also see an expansion of graduate nursing programs.”

Brian Hamel, senior and SGA nursing senator

“From what I’ve heard, the Nexus Building will contain a revamped version of what is already in [Alumnae Hall]. Instead of having two examination rooms, there will be 10. There will also be simulation rooms where nursing students can fully develop and practice their skills. By increasing available resources, it allows for the increased success of Adelphi’s future nurses.”

Sharmila Samwaru, senior

“I believe that the Nexus Building will be a great asset to the Adelphi nursing community. Students will have bigger classrooms and modern simulation labs. This will help enhance their ability to learn and practice on newer SimMans.”

Melody Boonsompornkul, senior

“I know it’s supposed to be a new nursing building with parking underneath and I think it will give future nursing students the realistic practice they need to prep them for clinicals.”

Kerry Agoursalidis, senior

I am beyond jealous of all incoming and current nursing students who will have the opportunity to use the new labs. Even though Adelphi has provided its current students with a great learning facility in Alumnae Hall, the new Nexus Building sim labs will go above and beyond my expectations.”

Chelsea Wollman ’14


“Everyday I pass the model of the Nexus Building on my way work in Levermore Hall, I am excited to think that Adelphi is entering a new era. Nexus is going to be such an incredible addition to Adelphi’s beautiful campus and will be a physical representation of the University’s commitment to its students and the vast opportunities for learning. I am so excited to be attending graduate school at Adelphi for the next three years so I can see the building being used and hopefully visit it frequently myself!”

Kristen Sylvan ’14 (psychology)

“I know it’s going to be very dedicated to nursing. I guess it’s good that the nursing students have their own building. I’ve heard some complaints from nursing students in the past, saying they don’t really have a central location and adding that this building would remedy that. Since Adelphi is pretty big on nursing and nursing students seem to make up a large percentage of the student population, I guess it’s only fitting to have a building as the face of the program.”

Bryan Grilli, junior (communications)

“I think it’s a good investment. We have a great nursing program and Adelphi students can be the future in the health field. We need the best tools possible. However, I do think the School of Social Work should be getting more money because [the] mental health [field] has such a need for social workers, but I am biased because we have small classrooms.”

Alison Warren, graduate student (social work)

“We could benefit as a University from a new building with the latest technology. I think we can expand on this by constructing new buildings for other majors since some of the classrooms need a remodeling.”

Amanda Mullen, senior (English)


“I think the Nexus Building will instantly become the centerpiece on a campus that’s been going through a renaissance. First, it looks architecturally impressive, based on the plans. Second, it might very well generate more foot traffic than any other place on campus. It will play host to the nursing program, which is booming, and feature a large and much-needed indoor parking lot. In addition, given that admissions, career services and alumni relations will also be located here, it will serve as the first impression for many visitors. It will be a huge boon for the University. I’m excited.”

Mark Grabowski, assistant professor of communications

“The University administration has informed us through a variety of means about the Nexus Building and I can foresee a large step forward in our ability to provide leading-edge instruction in the health field with the new facilities. Also, we will have more classroom space, a genuine need of Adelphi.”

George Russell, Ph.D., biology professor and director of graduate studies

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