The first work by the newly formed Adelphi Alumni Playwrights Group (AAPG) is coming to a Zoom near you! On Tuesday, September 1, the group will present Buffering…, an inaugural evening of musings inspired by a simple prompt: Write a monologue about the coronavirus that's not about the coronavirus.

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The AAPG’s evening of monologues will explore the situations of people locked in a virtual landscape—breakups, makeups, dystopian Truth or Dare, unconditional love between a man and whale, a call to arms and the aftershocks of a silent retreat.

Created in June 2020, the AAPG aims to serve as a workshop space to reignite creativity and foster the artistic process within the comfort of Adelphi’s alumni community. The group hopes that engaging in active conversations about change will allow us, as a society, to respond to the now with artistry, responsibility and empathy.

“I’ve been thinking of beginning an Adelphi Alumni Playwrights Group for some time, and with the onset of the pandemic, it has never felt like a more important moment to come together and create,” said Megan Lohne ’04, producer of the program and a founding member of the AAPG. “With all of the challenges we’re facing in the uncertainty of the now, it’s been a beautiful process to see all generations that you share this common memory and community of Adelphi with come together with such stunning vulnerability.”

Monologues will be performed by the AAPG’s Buffering Acting Company, featuring:

Benjamin Farha ’10, Colin Murphy ’09, Danielle Jade ’20, Greg Carey ’20, Joanna Georghiou ’20, Brittany Laurelle ’09, Rae Bartolai, Ray Rodriguez ’88, Samuel Adams ’08 and Tasha Berol ’19. It is directed by Brittany Mills ’20 and produced by Lohne.

AAPG group members include: Athena Priftakis ’20, Benjamin Farha ’10, Benjamin Sherman ’20, Brittany Mills ’20, Colin Murphy ’09, Daniel Ciba ’04, Greg Carey ’20, Jess Kreisler ’20, Kyle Smith ’13, Lauren Brickman ’09, Megan Lohne ’04, Michael DiFrancisco ’09 and Rae Bartolai.

The event begins at 8:00 p.m. and is free and open to the public. To reserve a spot, email Once reserved, a Zoom link will be shared the night before the show.

Learn more about the Adelphi Alumni Playwrights Group.

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