Students from the Adelphi community talk about how they found jobs at the annual Welcome Back Block Party.

Adelphi departments and local employers took over the Ruth S. Harley University Center from 11:00 a.m.–2:00 p.m. on September 10, 2015, for the annual Welcome Back Block Party, an event that provides students with on-the-spot interviews for part-time jobs with on- and off-campus employers.


Victoria Sedlak

“The block party is the first event of the year where students have the opportunity to find a job or internship,” said Thomas J. Ward Jr., executive director for the Center for Career Development. “It is imperative to have that face-to-face interaction with employers who are hiring, so students can find the job that best fits their schedules and interests.”

In 2014, 66 employers and Adelphi departments convened to offer students a total of 81 on- and off-campus opportunities. “Many students have reported they’ve secured positions after talking with the employers and on-campus departments at this event. It is not one to miss,” Ward said.

To get a closer look into what a job gained from the Block Party can do, we asked Victoria Sedlak, junior in marketing, Ewelina Gadek, junior in business management, and Elizabeth Lovend, junior in dance, about their experiences with on-campus employment and how that experience has benefited them.

Interviewer: What impact does or did your campus job have on your experience as a student? Did it help you get involved or to feel more included in campus life?

Sedlak: Working with the events department has definitely helped me meet new people (we have a fairly large student team) and gain valuable skills and experiences that I can carry with me throughout my time at Adelphi and my future career. I’m constantly interacting with faculty, current students and prospective students, which continually improves my communication skills and also results in valuable connections.


Elizabeth Lovend

Gadek: While having a campus job may not be the first thing that comes to mind when thinking about getting involved, it is certainly an excellent stepping-stone. Once I was hired at the Center for Recreation and Sports, I gained communication skills that helped me become a peer assistant leader at Adelphi, which in turn led to my second job in the Office of Business Affairs. Any position on campus helps you feel like you’re a part of the community. There is a sense of belonging.

Lovend: As an admissions ambassador, I always have a person to say hi to. I have met so many people who have different majors and interests. They have opened my eyes to different clubs, organizations and events happening on campus. If it hadn’t been for this job, I never would’ve joined a Greek life organization.

Interviewer: Did/does your job relate to your anticipated career and, if so, how has that on-the-job insight helped you learn and gain experience for job prospects after graduation?

Sedlak: I strive to have a career in marketing, more specifically, marketing for nonprofit organizations, and when I’ve gone on interviews for possible internships the employers have always been impressed to see that I have two years of experience in marketing at my university. Before I graduate, I’ll have experience in multiple aspects of the field, such as updating inventories, managing a database, promotion, branding and outreach. It shows prospective employers that I’m ambitious about my career. Having years of experience prior to graduating really helps set me apart from other applicants.


Ewelina Gadek

Gadek: My current on-campus jobs do not directly relate to the field I am interested in though they both provided me with résumé experience for future opportunities. I believe that every job is an opportunity to learn new things. Through my positions on campus, I have been able to gain valuable skill sets that aided my entry into the Jaggar Community Fellows Program and a subsequent internship with New York Cares, which is directly related to my dream—working in development for a nonprofit organization.

Lovend: I hope to become a professional dancer, and though my job didn’t directly relate to this, I wanted to show potential students the passion I feel for Adelphi.

Interviewer: Would you recommend a campus job to other students? Why or why not?

Sedlak: If you have the opportunity, especially if it relates to your career goals, go for it. Campus jobs are not only beneficial in helping you have a little extra spending money in your pocket, they give you valuable experiences that will ultimately help you down the road. You are able to work side-by-side with some pretty amazing people who help keep Adelphi up and running. You’re also able to meet and build lasting relationships with other students whom you may have never been able to meet otherwise. I would highly recommend a campus job to fellow students.

Gadek: I would absolutely recommend a campus job to other students, especially residents. Not only is it close and convenient, it exposes you to new individuals on campus, which is one of the most important aspects of getting involved.

Lovend: I definitely would. It’s a great way to meet students and faculty. It’s also a great way to give back to the Adelphi community.

This article appeared in the Career Compass Fall 2015 Newsletter.

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