Caesars Entertainment Corporation Corporate Manager of Instructional Design Tara Rohloff-Bodine '02 on what it takes to get ahead.

Tara Rohloff-Bodine, Corporate Manager of Instructional Design at Caesars Entertainment CorporationWe invited Adelphi alumni who are part of the University’s Alumni Mentoring Program to share their career insights with Adelphi University Magazine readers.

Last week’s edition featured Private Wifi Social Media Manager Jillian Ryan ’07. This week, we bring you Tara Rohloff-Bodine ’02, corporate manager of instructional design at Caesars Entertainment Corporation.

What is the worst career advice you’ve received?
Many times in my career I’ve been directed to send emails rather than picking up the phone or stopping by someone’s office. I find that connecting with someone “live” versus over email helps me to advance my career faster, build a positive reputation and allows me to understand how to best navigate the different areas in my organization.

Which is more important: making money or loving what you do?
For me, it has always been both. I grew up watching my parents struggle to put food on the table. My goal was to find a career that I would love and that would allow me to be financially independent.

How much of your day do you spend on social media and what is your favorite platform?
Over the course of the day, for both business and pleasure, I spend about two hours on social media. Living far from my family, my favorite platform is Facebook because I share pictures of my son as he grows.

What is the most important business trend of the decade?
Balancing building and maintaining an organizational culture that cultivates employee engagement with preserving the business strategy of being efficient and cost-effective.

What makes a résumé stand out?
A simple, concise résumé that shows work history and experience in order. One job can receive hundreds of résumés and the more complicated one is to decipher, the more likely that it will be moved to the bottom of the pile.

What turns you off from a résumé?
Spelling errors! BTW, ur resume is NOT a text message!

What is the best way to pass time on a long commute?
I use commuting/business travel time to catch up on a good book. This puts me at ease at the start and end of my travel.

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