Anthropology students have been accepted to present their research in poster format at the Adelphi Research Day Conference.

The following students from Adelphi’s Anthropology Department have been accepted to present their research in poster and paper format at the Adelphi Research Day Conference at the University’s Garden City Campus.

Adelphi anthropology students

Adelphi students during analysis and documentation of the Aposelemis Neolithic Human Skeletal Collection

Field Lab in Eleutherna Crete – 2013 summer season)

“Reflections of Dental Health at Medieval Polystylon: Contributions of Forensic Odontology”, Authors: Jee Sun Kim, Jihyun Lim (Advisor:  A. Agelarakis).

“Maternal Birthing Mortality and the Symbolism of Burial Customs in Ancient Greece”, Authors: Kyle Morrison, and Kaitlin Shahinian (Advisors:  J. Valas and A. Agelarakis).

“Anthropological Archaeology Considerations Regarding the Geometric Period Burial Ground at Naxos Island-Greece”, Authors: Allison Adler, Ashley Corbeil, and Joanna Wells (Advisor: A. Agelarakis).

“Human Demographics at Aposelemis Crete”, Authors: Samantha Zawistowski, and Kimberly Lombardi (Advisor: A. Agelarakis).

“Mortuary and Religious Practices During the Classical Period at Naxos Island, Greece: Reflections through Zooarchaeology”, Authors: Danaleah Scoenfuss and Jennifer Babayev (Advisor: A. Agelarakis).

“Technical Illustration of Late Pleistocene Stone Tool Technology from the Susitna Valley, Alaska”, Author: Katelynn Kelly (Advisors: Argiro Agelarakis and B. Wygal).

“On the Extinction of Neandertal in Eurasia”, Author: Kimberly Rieger (Advisor: B. Wygal).

“Archaeological Survey of the Volkmar and Goodpaster River areas of the Middle Tanana Valley, Alaska”, Authors: Desiree Mitchell, Kathryn E. Krasinski, Brian T. Wygal, and Yan Axel Gómez Coutouly (Advisor: B. Wygal).

“Middle Susitna Valley Archaeological Survey Report from Project Years 2011-2013”, Authors: Joanna Wells, Brian T. Wygal, Kathryn E. Krasinski, and Fran Seager-Boss (Advisor: B. Wygal).

“Technical Drawing in Archaeology and Physical Anthropology”, Authors: Sarah Rodriguez, Allison Adler, Ashley M. Corbeil, Katelynn B. Kelley, Brittany Martin, Danaleah Shoenfuss, Rebecca A. Vicioso, Sarah E. Bianchi, Megan Fong, Irene Kafkis, Amanda P. Paolotti, Lisa R. Pastore, Samantha Petrakis, Kaitlin R. Shahinian (Advisor: A. Agelarakis).

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