Angel Selvaraj has jumped into one of the fastest growing fields—healthcare informatics.

by Stephen Levine

“It was the number-one hot job, according to a San Diego University study. I’m pretty sure I will get a job after I graduate.”—Angel Selvaraj

For ambitious new University College student Angel Selvaraj, graduating from Hofstra University did not signal the end of her education. A former community health major, she discovered how much she really loved research, which led her to the M.S. in Healthcare Informatics program at Adelphi.

“After I graduated from Hofstra I was indecisive on what I wanted to do next,” Ms. Selvaraj said. “I’ve been interning at North Shore-LIJ and wanted to do research. I’ve been doing this for more than a year and I consider myself to be more of a people person. I wanted to do something more with people.”

She started researching articles about information technology and began looking around for opportunities. While her mother is studying the same field through online courses, Ms. Selvaraj wanted the benefit of classroom study, close to home.

Her love for microbiology, research and interacting with people is not the only thing that led Ms. Selvaraj to a career in healthcare informatics. In today’s challenging job market, she is looking forward to the future after the training and preparation she receives at Adelphi.

“It was the number-one hot job, according to a San Diego University study,” Ms. Selvaraj said about why she chose the field. “I’m pretty sure I will get a job after I graduate. They are downsizing staff in a lot of places, but this career is more secure. You need people in the information technology business.”

While she is not in class learning new skills, Ms. Selvaraj is still a lead volunteer at North Shore- LIJ hospital and a receptionist at a nursing home in Uniondale.

“It’s only my first week, but the professors are really passionate and motivated about [the program] so that makes it a good experience,” Ms. Selvaraj said.

While her goal is a career in information technology after she earns the master’s degree from Adelphi, Ms. Selvaraj has more short-term goals she’d like to achieve.

“My goal is to network with other students and professors,” Ms. Selvaraj said. “Learning online is one thing, but I get to meet people on campus and share and learn from them. I’m excited for that special bond and connection.”

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