Personalized attention is a cornerstone of the Adelphi experience, and nowhere was that more evident than at the College of Arts and Sciences Dean's Student Circle Awards.

Dean's Circle Awards

Mentors and mentees included, from left: Anagnostis Agelarakis, Ph.D., anthropology professor and department chair; Terrence Ross, professor, communications; Paula Spatz; Diane Della Croce, Ph.D., associate dean, Honors College; Jai Punjwani; Vital Sapojnikov; Brian Stockman, chemistry associate professor and department chair; Jack Demm; Sal Giunta, math and computer science; Joseph Landesberg, Ph.D., adjunct professor, chemistry

Personalized attention is a cornerstone of the Adelphi experience, and nowhere was that more evident than at last month’s 2018 College of Arts and Sciences Dean’s Student Circle Awards.

Seniors who have maintained an overall GPA of 3.85 or higher during their four years at Adelphi were invited. Each one also chose a faculty mentor to honor. Students and faculty took turns sharing heartfelt anecdotes about their relationships, a testament to the power of our faculty mentoring program.

The Dean’s Student Circle Outstanding Mentor Award was presented at the event. Nominees included:

  • Terrence Ross, nominated by Julia Hakimian and Paula Spatz
  • Joseph Landesberg, Ph.D., nominated by Tinamarie Cassiano
  • Aram Stump, Ph.D., nominated by Atinderpal Singh
  • Salvatore Giunta, nominated by Jack Demm
  • Anagnostis Agelarakis, Ph.D., nominated by Laura Jacobsen
  • Brian Stockman, nominated by Vital Sapojnikov
  • Diane Della Croce, Ph.D., nominated by Jai Punjwani

According to Susan Briziarelli, Ph.D., acting dean of the College of Arts and Sciences, “Students said very heartfelt things about their mentors, and vice versa.” Students who could not attend sent written messages for Dr. Briziarelli to read. She shared this one sent by Julia Hakimian about her faculty mentor, Terrence Ross:

“I’ve had Professor Ross four times during my college career here at Adelphi. He has always been an inspiration to his students as he incorporates life lessons into his courses. I admire his stance that taking classes shouldn’t only be about grades or finding a job, but should be about learning about ourselves and the world around us. Professor Ross has such enthusiasm and passion while teaching, which makes him one of a kind.”

Dr. Briziarelli pointed out another pair: Dr. Della Croce, Honors College associate dean, who also teaches English lit, and Jai Punjwani, math and computer science double major. “Jai was very recently in one of Diane’s classes, but they became close freshman year over a shared love of poetry and have developed a warm mentor/mentee relationship.”

The winner was part-time faculty member and alumnus Salvatore Giunta—a shining example of an Adelphi graduate who gives back.

Congratulations to all our Dean’s Circle students and faculty mentors.

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