Most students’ favorite section would have to be the student panel. They’re asked to text in questions they may have about Adelphi.

Adelphi's-Trasition-daysMore than five years ago —in Summer 2010—Adelphi University revamped Transfer Orientation into Transfer Transition, incorporating changes suggested by transfers who attended prior events. Adelphi continues to fine-tune the Transition events agenda based on transfer students’ feedback. “Each semester we take the feedback from both students and administrators who attend the event to try and improve our schedule,” said Lauren Pecoraro, Center for Student Involvement assistant director.

“Overall, Transfer Transition Day becomes a bigger success each semester,” said Pecoraro, who oversees Transfer Student Services. “We have increased our attendance over the last couple of semesters at each orientation.” The day consists of “a bunch of activities for the transfer students, including icebreakers, visits from departments across campus, a getting-involved section and a student panel,” she explained.

Through such activities at the Winter 2015 and Summer 2015 Transition events, transfers got an overview of the services, programs and resources available at Adelphi, plus information on transfer credit advisement and a campus tour that familiarized them with where Adelphi’s various departments, programs and more are located.

Pecoraro—noting that 48 transfer students attended the January 21event for Spring 2015 admission and 93 transfer students attended the August events for Fall 2015 admission—said, “I think most students’ favorite section would have to be the student panel. They’re asked to text in questions they may have about Adelphi, whether it’s about specific clubs and events or how to register for classes.”

Soon after the busy January 21 Transition Day, Cari Costa, one of Adelphi’s 2014–2015 transfer ambassadors, said, “The several freshmen in the group enjoyed the chance to talk to the transfer ambassadors and learn all about Adelphi, in addition to getting down to necessities like registering for classes and getting their student IDs.” A student from SUNY Oneonta—who, like Costa, planned to major in communications—“was most looking forward to meeting new people and experiencing different courses not available at Oneonta,” Costa said.

“The big difference between the fall and spring orientations is that students transferring in the fall tend to have more college experience, as there are no freshmen. They enjoyed mingling through a game of icebreaker bingo, a new activity for us,” Costa said after the August 5 Transition.

At that event, she added, “Some of the most popular questions revolved around parking, the new Nexus Building and how to get involved on campus.”

Melissa Biscardi, another transfer ambassador, said, “My favorite part of the day is the student panel because I know I’m helping at least one new student feel less nervous about their transition.”

Jenna Vinci and Kerry Sweeney both attended an August 2014 Transition for Fall 2014 transfers.

Vinci said, “Having transferred once prior to Adelphi, I was nervous about what my experience at Adelphi would entail. This event helped ease my nerves [about] transitioning to a new school.”

Vinci especially liked “the social, open environment, including having the ability to choose where I sat.” She praised the transfer ambassadors’ Q-and-A session, which “helped me feel that I had someone to turn to
with my questions outside of faculty resources.”

Sweeney, a Nassau Community College transfer, described her orientation as “wonderful” and added, “I wouldn’t change anything about the day’s agenda.” Her apprehension was relieved when she heard the transfer ambassadors’ own successful transition stories. She liked being seated with fellow nursing majors in what became the start of many Adelphi friendships.

Melissa Koster, like Vinci, a transfer from Suffolk County Community College who attended the January 2015 Transition, praised the “welcoming environment” and the ability to question current students. She enjoyed the campus tour and talking with Adelphi staff. She also liked that the tables were labeled by majors. “This is where many of my first friendships at Adelphi were established.“

Some offered suggestions for change.

Leela Riquelme ’15, a SUNY Oneonta transfer who majored in psychology, felt that Transition should include a club fair à la Freshman Orientation.

Lauren Stranieri, a sophomore communications major who transferred from Marist College, had one tip: Allow transfers the opportunity “to meet all of the students in the room, not just the initial people you sit with or those within your major.”

Vinci said there were long lines to get IDs. One plus for those waiting on line: “Meeting the people around them,” she said.

This piece appeared in the Fall 2015 Transfer Students Newsletter

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