Interns from the graduate social work program at Adelphi's Hudson Valley Center are helping place overdose victims in treatment.

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People who have overdosed on heroin or other opioids frequently appear in the emergency room in St. Luke’s Cornwall’s Hospital in Newburgh; revived, they often return later after another overdose. Hoping to break this cycle, the hospital has now enlisted interns from the graduate social work program at Adelphi’s Hudson Valley Center to help place overdose victims in treatment. The student interns work in the hospital’s ER, interviewing overdose victims to assess the psychological and social strains affecting them. Hoping to gain their trust, interns also help place willing patients in drug treatment.

The Hudson Valley Center is also confronting the local opioid epidemic by working with Newburgh’s police department and the National Guard. An intern working with law enforcement collects data tracking the movement of drugs in and out of Newburgh. The data, which includes the time of day that most drug use occurs, has led to the surprising conclusion that people with jobs account for a significant percentage of opioid use.

The opioid programs are part of a larger effort by Adelphi’s Hudson Valley Center to address social problems facing the region. Led by Ohiro Oni-Eseleh, the Center’s director, Adelphi has developed deep connections with Hudson Valley cities and towns, providing valuable services and leadership to the region.

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