Interim provost and executive vice president Sam L Grogg, Ph.D., shares some important pointers on getting your master’s degree.

Sam L. Grogg, Ph.D.

Sam L Grogg, Ph.D., interim provost and executive vice president at Adelphi University, where there are over 30 master’s degree programs offered, recently spoke with the New York Post about committing to getting your master’s degree.

According to Dr. Grogg, graduates considering going for their master’s degrees may want to consider taking a gap year before to reflect on what they have accomplished.

“It can be beneficial because you can reflect on where you want to put your energies before making the investment,” said Dr. Grogg. “Sometimes being in your career for a while helps you understand what knowledge you need bolstered and didn’t anticipate. A master’s degree is a real investment both in time and money, so take some time before you spend the money.”

Dr. Grogg also offered an alternative argument about getting your master’s degree right out of your undergraduate years stating that “there is a certain momentum and value to moving from undergrad to grad right away, in order to complete as much schooling as you can to become more viable in your career path,” and added that, “Different fields are always looking for ways to have their employees or professional colleagues obtain more contemporary information about practices in the field or developments through master’s education.”

Dr. Grogg also mentioned that certain careers, like those in secondary education, a master’s degree would be beneficial, “Teachers are almost required to obtain a master’s degree in order to obtain tenure at their institution.”

» Read the full article at the New York Post.

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