Reform Gun Laws and Celebrities Suited to Reduce Mental Health Stigmas, Mental Health Professionals Say

Reform Gun Laws and Celebrities Suited to Reduce Mental Health Stigmas, Mental Health Professionals Say

Following tragedies like Superstorm Sandy, Newtown, and Aurora, mental health professionals have weighed in on a vital national debate—what are the best ways to prevent and cope with deadly community disasters.

The survey conducted by Wakefield Research for Adelphi University’s Center for Health Innovation asked 100 mental health professionals across the country about what is really needed to prevent gun violence, avoid mental health stigmas and help communities prepare for the worst.

Dr. Jonathan Jackson, director of the Center for Psychological Services and director of clinical training at the Adelphi Derner Institute revealed the results today of the new Adelphi University Center for Health Innovation (CHI) Poll, rich with new statistics and figures.

Hear Dr. Jackson share some of the findings (MP3)

Dr. Jackson was interviewed by 23 radio stations, including national interviews with the Wall Street Journal, USA Radio Network and American Urban Radio Networks, as well as key stations in CA, CT, DC, NJ, NY, MI, OH and MA.

  • Michigan’s Big Show starting Michael Patrick Shiels 
  • WVOX-AM with T.J. McCormack, ABC affiliate, NY 
  • American Urban Radio Networks (National) 
  • USA Radio Networks (National) 
  • WBNR, Hudson Valley, NY 
  • KGO, ABC affiliate, San Francisco, CA 
  • WRVA, CBS affiliate, Richmond, VA 
  • WSNY, Columbus, IN 
  • It’s Your Health, Syndicated (National) 
  • Tennessee Radio 
  • WVNU, CNN affiliate, Cincinnati, OH 
  • Wall Street Journal (National) 
  • WFIN, Associated Press affiliate, Toledo, OH 
  • WDIS, Boston, MA 
  • WATR, CBS affiliate, Hartford, CT 
  • WRTA, Altoona, PA 
  • WVLT, Monmouth, NJ 
  • Wisconsin Radio 
  • Kansas Information Network 
  • WTOP, Washington, D.C. 
  • The Money Matters Show, NY 
  • WNEW, CBS affiliate, Washington, D.C. 
  • WJRZ, Associated Press affiliate, Monmouth, NJ 

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