Students Jessica Winans and Nikki Winans on why they're voting for Bernie Sanders

Students Jessica Winans and Nikki Winans on Why They Are Voting for Bernie Sanders

Winans cr The Odyssey

Adelphi student Nikki Winans shows her support for Bernie Sanders. Photo from “The Odyssey Online.”

As the presidential election approaches, the race to see who will be nominated is heating up. On January 30, 2016, Zuccotti Park, once home to the Occupy Wall Street Protest of 2011, was the site of a political rally to show support for presidential hopeful Bernie Sanders. Jessica Winans, an Adelphi University student and an editor at The Odyssey Online, covered the event to see just how much support there was for the senator from Vermont. According to Winans, people of all ages came to show how much “America feels the Bern.”

Winans, a Sanders fan herself, believes that the senator’s popularity stems from his authenticity. She asserted that voters are tired of politicians who don’t listen and who end up winning based on their funding despite their inconsistency and “phony” agendas. “The American people are ready and deserving of a president who listens,” she wrote. 

She interviewed other Sanders supporters at the rally, one of whom was fellow Adelphi student Nikki Winans. 

“I’m voting for Bernie Sanders because he’s a once-in-a-lifetime candidate, and the only candidate who wants to reform the government structure as itself. No one else wants to do that and no one else ever has wanted to do that,” said Nikki Winans.

See the full story at The Odyssey Online.


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