President Scott's feature article, "The modern American university: a love story."

Dr. Robert A. Scott, president of Adelphi University, is guest editor of the 2010 edition (Volume 18, Number 4) of On the Horizon and has a featured article “The modern American university: a love story.” This influential international education journal explores the issues that are emerging as technology changes the nature of education and learning within and among institutions, organizations, and across geo-political boundaries. The 2010 edition, “Exploring critical issues in American higher education,” is especially important as education policy is being discussed and debated by policymakers, reporters, and educators.

“The purpose of this issue is to explore the major issues in American higher education either being considered or to be contemplated by higher education scholars, policy makers, leaders, and others,” said Adelphi University President Robert A. Scott. “The theme of this special issues is set by the lead essay, “The modern American university: a love story” which explores those areas of higher education which inspire admiration, cause anguish, and give rise to heightened anticipation.”

The issue also includes contributions from the president of LaGuardia Community College and co-founder of Knowledge in the Public Interest describing the major influences shaping higher education today and how they will transform higher education over the next 20 years; CEO and director of government and legal affairs at the New Jersey Association of State Colleges and Universities who propose the establishment of a public service corporation to finance public colleges; an exploration of certain issues in the “science wars”; an innovative review of variables that contribute to transfer activity from three institutional researchers; an analysis of National Survey of Student Engagement (NSSE) data to highlight inherent challenges established by national benchmarks; and an examination by the On the Horizon’s editor of how changes in higher education are being addresses in Europe an the United States.

On the Horizon is a strategic planning resource to inform professionals such as education policy makers, administrators, practitioners, and researchers in post-secondary and other organizations of the multiple challenges which currently confront the education sector. On the Horizon pursues its mission by publishing special issues on critical trends and topics, drawing upon thought leaders from policy analysis, futures research, and academic scholarship. The publication offers a blend of professional analysis, peer reviewed articles and literature reviews designed to inform decision-makers about what lies beyond contemporary issues, and how today’s decisions may impact the future.

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