See the TED-Ed video Dr. D'Emic and his colleagues created.

Michael D’Emic, Ph.D., assistant professor of biology, recently teamed up with colleagues to create the TED-Ed video, “When Will the Next Mass Extinction Occur?” The video, aimed at students, illustrates the history and consequences of mass extinction events from the dinosaurs to more recent times and explains what humanity can do to curb the destructive impact of our progress on the natural world.

“The video aims to show people that understanding the past is the key to understanding the present; in other words, the fossil record holds important lessons for our world today,” Dr. D’Emic said. “I loved working with the team at TED-Ed, who really helped us summarize the most cutting-edge research about extinction to get the word out to the public about this important issue.”

Dr. D’Emic learned about the opportunity to collaborate with TED-Ed through a friend. “The other paleontologists and I pitched a video about extinction because it is an important topic for modern society that can really be put in perspective by studying the past,” he said.

TED-Ed is a subsidiary of TED, an organization dedicated to sharing ideas and changing the world through passionate discussion. TED-Ed reaches millions of people with its library of video lessons, which teach and stimulate the interest of students worldwide. Dr. D’Emic joins a distinguished club by being a contributor to the TED vehicle and highlighting the need for collaboration and action in the battle against climate change.

Watch Dr. D’Emic’s TED-Ed video.


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