A word collage comprised of all the news media where Adelphi University was mentioned in 2021.

While it was another challenging year for the world, 2021 again saw Adelphi University and its community well represented in the news media—locally, regionally, nationally and internationally.

Here are 21-plus stories that made headlines for Adelphi during the year.


Reader’s DigestWhat Is “Doomscrolling”—And How to Stop the Cycle

Deborah Serani, PsyD, senior adjunct professor of psychology, is quoted. The story also appeared on MSN News.

WalletHubBest & Worst Metro Areas for STEM Professionals

Cindy Maguire, PhD, associate professor of communications, shares her expertise.


The Washington PostEvolving restrictions have travelers on edge

Perspective from K.C. Rondello, MD, University epidemiologist and clinical associate professor in the College of Nursing and Public Health, is featured in an article about travel regulations and restrictions.

Popular Science4 big ideas on fixing American schools

Stephen Shore, EdD, clinical assistant professor of education, is quoted in a story on improving education. The story was also published by the Entrepreneur Fund.

Parents10 Fun Exercise Ideas for Kids

Stephen Virgilio, MA ’75, PhD, author and senior adjunct professor of health and sports sciences, shares his expertise.


Associated Press, Grandparents in the pandemic: a lost year, but now some hope

The perspective of Joaniko Kohchi, director of the Adelphi University Institute for Parenting, is featured in an AP article. More than 340 U.S. news outlets have run the piece, along with many international outlets.

ForbesCompanies That Pride Themselves On Customer Service: Pandemic Edition

Zachary Johnson, PhD, interim associate dean for undergraduate students associate professor of decision sciences and marketing, talks about consumers’ needs and companies that are doing a good job with customer service during the pandemic.


The New York TimesThese Rocks Made a 1,000-Mile Trek. Did Dinosaurs Carry Them?A study on prehistoric stones by Michael D’Emic, PhD, associate professor of biology, is featured. The study was also covered in Live Science.

WebMD, How to Help a Depressed Spouse

Jacques Barber, PhD, dean of Adelphi’s Gordon F. Derner School of Psychology, shares his expertise in an article on depression.

NewsdayOur waters, climate, need more TLC

An op-ed by Stephen J. Tomasetti, PhD, adjunct faculty member of environmental studies and sciences, about climate change and water quality is featured.


Inside Higher Ed5 Things We Must Do Better When This Thing Is Over

Matthew Wright, PhD, associate professor and chair of the Department of Physics, offers advice to educators for overcoming Zoom fatigue and moving forward in an op-ed.

RealClearPolicy.comYes, Care Is Infrastructure

Traci Levy, PhD, associate professor of political science, and Elizabeth Palley, JD, PhD, professor of social work, share their perspectives on President Biden’s “American Jobs Plan.”


Associated PressPolio: When vaccines and re-emergence were just as daunting

Joaniko Kohchi, director of Adelphi’s Institute for Parenting, is quoted in a story about reemergence from a pandemic. The story appeared in The Washington Post, U.S. News & World Report, Yahoo! News, the New York Post and more than 500 other news outlets nationally and internationally.

New York PostSinclair raising $250M for new sports streaming service, sources say

Greg Bouris, lecturer and sport management program director, comments on the economic impact of creating a new sports streaming service.

InnovateLIChristine Riordan – Adelphi’s Secret Is Out

Adelphi’s president talks about getting higher ed through the pandemic and planning for the future.


CNNCasual relationships matter for older adults

Katherine Fiori, PhD, professor and chair of psychology, is quoted in a story about how casual relationships benefit seniors. The story ran in more than 40 other news outlets, including the Minneapolis Star Tribune, The Sacramento Bee, The Kansas City Star and Forbes.

The Chronicle of Higher EducationCould Political Rhetoric Turn to Campus Violence?

Stephanie Lake, PhD, senior lecturer and director of Adelphi’s criminal justice program, is quoted in a story about political tension on college campuses.


SlateHow Can I Help My Lonely Middle Schooler Find Friends?

Adelphi is noted as one of only a few colleges and universities offering programs for students with sensory needs.


Live ScienceByzantine warrior with gold-threaded jaw unearthed in Greece

Research by Anagnostis Agelarakis, PhD, anthropology professor in the Department of History, is featured. The story appeared in several other news outlets including Archaeology Magazine.

Inside Higher EdSaying the Right Thing

Joanna Templeton, lead editor and senior director of content, discusses in an opinion piece why colleges and universities should have an inclusive language guide accompanying editorial and design guidelines.


The New York Times, For Some Breast Cancer Survivors, October Is the Cruelest Month

Deborah Serani, PsyD, senior adjunct professor of psychology, discusses how cancer survivors can cope with memories sparked by Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

ScienceDaily, Evidence of prehistoric human activity in Falkland Islands

Kathryn Krasinski, PhD, assistant professor of anthropology, was among the investigators in a study published in the journal Science Advances. Coverage of the study also appeared on, among other outlets.

Fox 5 New York, Breast cancer support groups play a vital role

The Adelphi NY Statewide Breast Cancer Hotline & Support Program is featured in a story about the importance of support groups. News 12 ran a similar story, focusing on the Pink Patch Project.


U.S. News & World ReportWhat is Stagflation?

Mariano Torras, PhD, professor and chair of finance and economics, discusses the economy and markets amid the debate on stagflation. The story also appeared on Yahoo! News.

The Buffalo NewsAnother Voice: Agricultural workers deserve fairness in overtime pay

In an op-ed she co-wrote, Maggie Gray, PhD, associate professor of political science, advocates for agricultural workers.


Faculty FocusBuilding Back a Sense of Community and Togetherness with Faculty and Students

Matthew Wright, PhD, associate professor and chair of physics, shares his ideas for bringing faculty and students back together amidst the challenges of the ongoing pandemic.

Long Island PressOpEd: End the Covid Crisis for Long Island’s Local Nonprofits

Daniel Kaplan, PhD, director of Adelphi’s Center for Nonprofit Leadership and associate professor of social work, advocates for nonprofits.

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