Summer research fellowships support Honors students who are conducting research in many different areas.

This past fall, Adelphi generously funded summer research fellowships for 10 Honors College students. The $4,000 fellowships support Honors students who are conducting research in many different areas. Preference each year will be given to rising seniors, some of whose projects will lead to their senior theses. But even freshmen are eligible as is evidenced by the first 10 Honors students to receive these awards.

David Campmier, a junior, will work with Associate Professor Martin Haas on Dennis Hart Mahan and the U.S. Civil War.

Cristobal Zarco and CarolineSenatore, both seniors, will work with Honors College Academic Director Nicholas Rizopoulos on Nazi economic policy and the illusion of growth.

Brianna O’Neill, a senior, will work with Associate Professor Justyna Widera on synthesis and characterization of CdTe/Polyindole nanohybrids.

Alexa Savino, a sophomore, will work with Assistant Professor Nicole Rudolph on comparing female roles in French politics (1798 and 2000s).

Praise Odigie, a sophomore, will work with Assistant Professor Margaret Gray as she makes a documentary film on Illegal Immigration.

Christopher Coen, a junior, will work with Associate Professor Sean Bentley on longitudinal offset diffraction.

Ameena Rahman, a senior, will work with Professor Mariano Torras on a comparative study of economic indicators of well-being.

Alex Maccaro, a senior, will work with Assistant Professor Maya Muratov on John Singer Sargent’s masterpiece portrait, The Daughters of Edward Darley Boit.

Marissa Ciuffo, a senior, will work in the medical division of the New York City Police Department on a study of malignancy diagnoses among members of the NYPD. In addition to the students supported by Adelphi,

Monica Mohacsi, a junior, will be fully supported this summer by the National Science Foundation’s program for Research Experiences for Undergraduates. Monica’s research will be in optics at the University of Michigan.

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