Adelphi University Alumni lead the way in physics and engineering.

Mary KlementAdaptive optics is all the rage in science these days. The technology is a less expensive way to clear up the distortion scientist find in telescopes, but its usefulness goes far beyond the Milky Way.

The process of adaptive optics improves the performance of optical systems. Can you recall looking through a pair of binoculars down a long road and near the horizon you’d see the pavement begin to squiggle? Adaptive optics corrects that atmospheric distortion the same as it does the appearance of a star that is blinking – which is just an illusion.

Many Adelphi University alumni, including Mary Klement ’71, M.S. ’73, have used optic technologies throughout their careers. In her case she most notably worked with Northrop Grumman on its Global Hawk project.  Ms. Klement was recently one of five female graduates mentioned in the College of Arts and Sciences publication, Catalyst, on the subject of women in the sciences.

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