Adelphi University introduces a BS in Environmental Science program to the newly renamed Department of Environmental Studies and Sciences.

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Adelphi students interested in becoming leaders in addressing critical issues relating to global climate change and sustainability now have a new degree option: a Bachelor of Science in Environmental Science.

The program, which was introduced this semester, provides an integrated foundation in both the social-political-cultural and the scientific-technical areas. Students enrolled in the BS program will be prepared for a host of professions, for graduate work in environmental studies or the environmental sciences, and for a lifetime of environmentally aware citizenship.

“The new BS in Environmental Science major is all about options—and opportunity—in an increasingly important field,” said Brian Wygal, PhD, director of the program. “You’ll graduate with the skills to pursue a successful career in areas like the green energy sector, environmental cleanup, environmental law, corporate compliance, policy design and regulation, and scientific research and education.”

The new BS is just one of many changes and additions the Environmental Studies and Sciences program has made recently. This spring, Adelphi introduced significant revisions to its BA in Environmental Studies degree, which have generated a lot of interest. Thanks to the interdisciplinary approach, students will be able to chart their own course of study for the environmental science major with classes that cover everything from the natural and social sciences to the humanities. Students can also further tailor their degree path by enrolling in one of four optional curricular tracks.

Both degrees are part of a new Accelerated Environmental Studies Masters of Arts program, a 4+1 structure that gives students the chance to earn both bachelor’s and master’s degrees in environmental studies or science in only five years. Other undergraduate degrees available for the 4+1 program are biology and natural sciences. For those who plan to teach in public schools, Adelphi also offers a unique five-year bachelor’s and master’s degree program that combines the BS in Environmental Science with education courses, leading to a New York state teaching certification in earth science.

In addition to the new degree programs, environmental studies has an updated curriculum, completely redesigning the program. Changes included the new BS degree and a reduction in the number of required credits from 61 to 41 for the BA degree, and the addition of an earth science capstone course for both BA and BS students. Changes to the core courses place greater emphasis on addressing climate change and technical skills like geographic information systems (GIS), so that you’ll better succeed in an environmental profession.

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