In today's fast-paced career world, some students are eager to earn their degrees and enter the workforce quickly to save money on their education and begin earning a salary.

Adelphi is meeting this need by offering an accelerated undergraduate program in business, allowing motivated students to earn their degree in just three years. Open to students in any business major, including accounting, economics, finance, management and marketing, the program saves students close to a full year’s tuition.

“The three-year option is an example of our student-centered approach,” said MaryAnne Hyland, PhD, interim dean of Adelphi’s Robert B. Willumstad School of Business. “While the traditional four-year program is appropriate for all students, the three-year option is ideal for students who are willing to put in extra time between semesters in order to graduate early or free up their fourth year for work on a master’s degree.”

Students in this rigorous but rewarding program are expected to be highly motivated and goal-oriented, since they’ll be completing the full course load of a four-year degree in just three years. They’ll take courses during winter and summer sessions, including the summer right after high school graduation.

“Consistent with Adelphi’s personalized approach, we anticipate an intimate group of dedicated students to participate in this program,” Dr. Hyland said.

To help build a personalized schedule and stay on track with their studies, each student will have a dedicated adviser guiding them throughout the program. Students will also build their résumé, practice interview skills and gain real-world experiences through internships and valuable networking opportunities.

Once students complete their degree, they can choose to enter the workforce or go right into a one-year graduate studies program. With the latter option, they can earn their bachelor’s and master’s degrees in just four years and begin their careers with even more advanced credentials.

“In today’s fast-paced environment, students are eager to gain the knowledge and skills they need to be successful in a short period of time,” Dr. Hyland said. “This program enables them to do just that.”

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