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Judith Ammerman, MA '64, MS '73

Retired educator Judith Ammerman, MA ’64, MS ’73, has always championed learning as vital to shaping lives and forging futures. And, as a lifelong philanthropist who earned two master’s degrees at Adelphi, she has generously established three endowed funds supporting students, faculty and the University with a planned gift of $1.5 million. 

The Judith Ammerman Endowment for Undergraduate Student Scholarships at Adelphi is a visionary fund constituting 60 percent of her extraordinary gift. It will provide invaluable financial support to undergraduate students who are the first in their families to embark on a collegiate journey. It reflects Ammerman’s unwavering commitment to equal access to education and unshakable conviction in the power of education to transcend boundaries and empower dreams.

Recognizing the pivotal role of faculty in nurturing academic excellence, Ammerman allocated 20 percent of her gift to create the Judith Ammerman Endowment for Faculty Development. This fund, a testament to her dedication to nurturing educators, will annually award grants to full-time faculty members to engage in research, scholarly pursuits and professional growth.

Ammerman’s philanthropic spirit extends beyond individuals to the very infrastructure that facilitates learning. With the remaining 20 percent of her gift, she chose to establish the Judith Ammerman Endowment for Capital Needs and Projects, a fund to ensure that our physical environment aligns with Adelphi’s commitment to excellence.

Through her generosity, Judith Ammerman’s legacy exemplifies transformative philanthropy as her generosity impacts the lives of students who are breaking barriers, faculty who are shaping the next generation and Adelphi University itself—by supporting an environment designed for growth.

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