"The Sustainable Society: Peace, Human Rights, and Development” program.


In front of the buttress roots of an indigenous tree in the tropical rainforests of Puriscal County during our hike at Rancho Mastatal. Photo Credit: Kaila Galinat

By Rochile Khan ‘18

My first study abroad experience was absolutely wonderful. I went to Costa Rica for two weeks in January as part of “The Sustainable Society: Peace, Human Rights, and Development” program. This course was provided through a partnership of Adelphi University with the University for Peace, which was the first university founded by the United Nations with the purpose of promoting peace and education worldwide.

This university was strategically placed in Costa Rica—a country without a military. The money that would usually be put into a military is instead invested into education and healthcare programs for their people. As students we were able to learn so much about this beautiful country and culture. It was amazing to see the contrasting environment of the mountainous cities and diverse rainforests, as compared to the concrete jungles of New York City. The most memorable times were the days when we lacked an internet connection. Seeing how naturally the people of Nacientes Palmichal and Rancho Mastatal lived, and being able to experience the exotic wildlife that exists there was both breathtaking and eye-opening. I learned a lot through this course and I’m so thankful to have had this opportunity.

“There were so many firsts on my trip, from riding a horse, to ziplining, and even seeing real sloths in the rainforest!” —Jua Son ‘18
Costa Rica brought me back down to Earth and made me realize how beautiful and amazing the world really is.” —Renita Jagmohan ‘17
What was most important were the people we met. Finding so many people passionate about social justice and ecological and environmental stewardship and how people are actively working to change their communities was both humbling and empowering.” —Daniel McElroy ‘18

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