Adelphi NY Statewide Breast Cancer Hotline & Support Program thanks Hillary Rutter for her 23 years as director and welcomes her successor, Reyna Machado.

Reyna Machado (left) and Hillary Rutter

In 2020, the Adelphi NY Statewide Breast Cancer Hotline & Support Program is saying farewell to its acclaimed director, Hillary Rutter, and welcoming its new director, Reyna Machado.

The program is housed within Adelphi University’s School of Social Work.

Hillary Rutter’s Legacy

Rutter, who is retiring, is a licensed social worker who has led the program for 23 of its 40 years, building it into one of the most respected breast cancer programs in the country. The program touts the oldest breast cancer hotline in the United States and provides counseling, support groups, educational programs, community outreach and advocacy to thousands of women and men diagnosed with breast cancer. During Rutter’s tenure, the program has provided valuable training to more than 50 students studying for their Bachelor of Social Work, Master of Social Work and Master of Public Health degrees.

Rutter’s efforts have played a significant role in assuring that all New Yorkers can access important breast cancer information and emotional support. Programs developed under Rutter’s leadership include Sisters United in Health, which focuses on disparities in healthcare for women of color, and the BEST (Breast Education, Screening and Treatment) project, which has provided life-saving services to thousands of underserved women across Long Island.

Most recently, Rutter has developed collaborative peer-to-peer support services for patients at various hospitals, including Northwell Health, St. Francis Hospital, NYU Winthrop Hospital and Mercy Medical Center. She established the first support group in the United States for men with breast cancer. Rutter has also served as a consultant to other organizations seeking to develop breast cancer programs, services and conferences across New York state. Working with the National Breast Cancer Coalition, Rutter and her staff involved New Yorkers in the advocacy process, meeting with federal, state and local legislators to promote breast cancer causes.

Rutter has raised more than $15 million in grants and fundraising efforts to support all aspects of the program. She is well known and respected in the community and has fostered numerous collaborations with medical institutions, agencies and professionals. She has been the recipient of awards including the Courage Award (Nassau County Women’s Bar Association), Women’s Recognition Award (Adelphi University Student Government Association), New York State Senate Women of Distinction Award (NYS 7th Senatorial District) and New York State Senate Women of Distinction Award (NYS 6th Senatorial District).

From Assistant Director to Director

Reyna Machado, the program’s assistant director, now takes on the responsibility of director. She brings two decades of experience in marketing and development, having worked at the Girl Scouts of the United States of America and Georgetown University. During her time with the Adelphi NY Statewide Breast Cancer Hotline & Support Program, she has managed fiscal administration of grants with nine foundations and has secured four new funders for the program.

With the Adelphi NY Statewide Breast Cancer Hotline & Support Program celebrating its 40th year of service in 2020, Machado will lead a fundraising campaign and program activities to commemorate this milestone. She will also expand the Advisory Board with physicians, public health and community members.

Machado, a native Spanish speaker and New Yorker, earned her MA in Higher Education Administration from George Washington University and her MBA in Marketing from American University.

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