Meet Phil DiSanto ’12, the first young alumnus to be elected to the Adelphi University Board of Trustees.

The Adelphi University Board of Trustees—you’ve heard the name, but may not know exactly who this group is or what its members do at Adelphi.

The Board of Trustee is the legal governing body of Adelphi, and has the responsibility of realizing the University’s educational, physical, and financial goals. Comprised of individuals with valuable business, civic, educational, legal, corporate, and leadership experience, the Board is committed to ensuring Adelphi continues to provide a world-class, affordable education, and challenging the University to aspire to create new opportunities to strengthen the experience it offers students.

Meet Phil DiSanto ’12, the first young alumnus to be elected to the Adelphi University Board of Trustees.

Q: You are the first young alumnus to be elected to the Adelphi University Board of Trustees. What do you think you have to offer as a young alumni trustee and a representative of the young alumni community?

A: I think I bring an entirely unique perspective to the table. Engaged students and young alumni are, in many ways, the most in tune to what is happening “on the ground.”  We recognize the true effects that policy decisions have on the University’s student population, and are capable of bringing attention to areas where we are excelling and those where we might need to revise our approach. As a graduate of the Class of 2012, I believe that I’m very well suited for this role—although I have moved on to pursue my legal career, I am still very connected to the needs and expectations of our students, faculty, administrators, and recent graduates.

Q: What changes did you witness at Adelphi during your years as a student? What changes do you hope to see at Adelphi in the years to come?

A: As a student I had the opportunity to utilize state-of-the-art athletic facilities, attend classes and productions in a beautiful new performing arts center, and witness the positive impact of two new residence halls on campus life. We launched the exciting new Center for Health Innovation and named the Robert B. Willumstad School of Business. Adelphi University is, and will continue to be, an evolving and progressive academic institution. Throughout my four years at Adelphi I witnessed many of the most significant changes in our University’s recent history. I would like to see Adelphi build on its recent success.

Q: Who is a leader you admire? What qualities do they hold that you believe makes them effective in their role?

A: My father. He is a leader in business, as a vice president of information technology at He was a leader when he became one of the first graduates of the accelerated executive M.B.A. program here at Adelphi. Most importantly, however, he’s a leader and role model that his family can be thankful for and proud of. The leaders that we are closest to are often the ones who make the biggest impact, and it’s crucial to remember that.

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