The Adelphi University's International Leadership Coordinating Committee was pleased to award the 2019 International Research Awards during the 16th Annual Adelphi Research Conference.

Adelphi University’s International Leadership Coordinating Committee (ILCC) is pleased to recognize the winners of the 2019 International Research Awards in conjunction with 16th Annual Adelphi Research Conference.  During the conference, graduate and undergraduate students presented on a wide range of academic disciplines, many of which were international in scope, including topics such as violent events in healthcare around the world, Spanish fashion, and food waste and losses in the global supply chain. The International Leadership Coordinating Committee, which works towards establishing Adelphi University as a leader in international awareness and activity, recognized projects at the undergraduate and graduate levels that examine international or global topics and/or include international collaboration or field work. This year’s International Research Award winners are:

Nicole Quirke ’21

Undergraduate International Research Award

Nicole Quirke, a history major, examined the reasons why Irishmen chose to fight for either the Nationalist or Republican cause during the Spanish Civil War. For her project, “The Four Irishmen”, she analyzed obituaries of four Irishmen who fought on behalf of the republicans. The obituaries portray the men as martyrs for the international communist effort and are examples of propaganda use to secure supporters for the fight against what many believed was the threat of Fascism in Spain.

Laura Rojas ’19

Undergraduate International Research Award

In spring 2019, Laura Rojas, a senior Spanish major, traveled to Spain as part of an Adelphi University faculty-led study abroad program.  Her winning project, “The Diary of a Museum Enthusiast,” chronicles her experience and examples various aspects of the Spanish museums she visited, including style, subject matter and mission.   She examines whether museums are universal institutions that foster public access to knowledge or whether they have goals that are more specific to the history of the nation in which they reside in.

Sahra Ibrahimi MPH Candidate

Graduate International Research Award

A student in Adelphi’s Master’s in Public Health program, Sahra Ibrahimi examined the risk of domestic violence among Afghan women, particularly during pregnancy in her project, “Association Between Domestic Violence During Pregnancy and Pregnancy Outcomes in Afghanistan”.  Ms. Ibrahimi finds that domestic violence in pregnancy was positively associated with early pregnancy loss and perinatal mortality, suggesting that domestic violence in pregnancy is related to adverse pregnancy outcomes in Afghanistan. She advised that interventions to reduce exposure to violence during pregnancy may improve maternal and child health outcomes in Afghanistan.

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