Parents Association Award Winners for 2017.


Raymond Rogers, Father
Kaitlyn Rogers ’17

2017 Parent Senior Brunch

Raymond Rogers, Parent Recognition Award Winner with his daughter Kaitlyn and the Parent’s Association Board Members.

This year the Adelphi University Parents Association Parent Recognition Award goes to Raymond Rogers, the father of graduating senior Kaitlyn Rogers. Raymond has actually had an impact on all of the students here at Adelphi University; for thirty-one years he has worked as a groundskeeper at Adelphi. Kaitlyn is so proud of her Dad and loves it when people comment on how beautiful campus is, knowing that it is her Dad that makes it so. In her nominating essay she spoke of her father’s work ethic and about wanting to make him proud. “He is the hardest worker I know and I could not be more proud of him,” she writes. “If I am able to make him half as proud as he has made me, I know that my accomplishments have paid off.”

Kaitlyn is the youngest of three children and is the first to be able to graduate college;  next year she will be attending Columbia for her Masters. It is with clear gratitude that Kaitlyn wrote, “He is not only the backbone to my family, but he is the reason why there will be success and happiness in my future. My father deserves to be recognized for all that he has sacrificed for my family and everything that he has contributed to the Adelphi Community. This essay asks how my parent has made a special impact on my college career, and truthfully, there would be no college career for me to write about if it was not for my father.”  Congratulations to Kaitlyn on successfully completing her undergraduate journey and to her father, Raymond Rogers, for earning the Parent Recognition Award!

Citizenship, Leadership and Scholarship AWARDS

Jennifer Krol ’17

2017 Parent Senior Brunch

Jennifer Krol, Award for Citizenship, Leadership and Scholarship Winner with the Parent’s Association Board Members.

This year’s recipient of the Adelphi University Parents Association Award for Citizenship, Leadership and Scholarship is Jennifer Krol. Jennifer majored in English with a concentration in Creative Writing and minored in Childhood Education within the STEP Program. She graduated Summa Cum Laude with a 3.96 GPA. Next year she will be returning to Adelphi to study for a dual Masters in Special Education and Childhood Education. Her resume touts a long list of activities, community service, and awards. Krol is something of a Renaissance Woman; she is interested in human rights, is composing a score for a musical, wrote several children’s books, and was the President of the Fencing Club. Her most remarkable accomplishment was that, out of seventy plus applicants, she was chosen as one of eight people to give a TedTalk at Adelphi’s Tedx Event in April of 2016. As a matter of fact, she was the only student out of those eight people chosen. You can watch her talk on YouTube.

Jennifer spoke of the experience not just about what it did for her in jump starting her role as a leader on campus but that it gave other students the confidence to apply for the next TedTalk and that it helped other students to believe that they too could have their voices heard. Her personal definition of citizenship is a citizen who is kind, altruistic, and uses their skills to give back. The Parents Association believes that Jennifer’s citizenship role has been to empower others through leading by example. Towards the end of our interview with her, Jennifer literally blurted, “I love Adelphi so much! I want every student to have that same experience!”  We know that because of her presence at Adelphi many students have. Jennifer told us, “You can’t pour into other people’s cups if your cup is empty.” May her cup never be empty! Congratulations to Jennifer for her many accomplishments and all there is yet to come!

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