Adelphi's Parents Association recognizes graduating undergraduate students and their parents.

Senior Awards

1st Place Award Winner 

Chelsea Wollman 

Chelsea Wollman, 1st Place Senior Award Winner with Dr. Scott

Chelsea Wollman, 1st Place Senior Award Winner with President Dr. Robert A. Scott

“A real dynamo” are words used to describe Chelsea Wollman by the Parents Association Board as they recalled their interview with this candidate. The Board noted that while attempts were made by advisers to dissuade Chelsea from engaging in collegiate sports while taking a rigorous course load as a nursing major, she did not shy away from her love of both. So, Chelsea balanced both a challenging curriculum and the demands of practice and games, playing midfield and defense with the Women’s Soccer team during all four years of her time at Adelphi – all while maintaining a high GPA.

Chelsea is not only a great athlete, but an accomplished student. In her recommendation, a professor in the College of Nursing and Public Health wrote that Chelsea was a VALOR extern at the James J. Peters Veterans Affairs Medical Center, which is “one of the most coveted nursing externships on Long Island.” 

Citizenship and leadership are also readily apparent in Chelsea Wollman’s campus involvement. She is a recognized campus leader and community volunteer. To name a few organizations to which Chelsea has devoted her time and energy, she served as president of SNAP (Student Nurses Acting for Progress), an active member of SAAC (Student Athlete Advisory Committee), a Resident Assistant, a Resident Student Association council member, and a tutor in the America Reads America Counts program. She served as the collection leader for the New York Blood drive, the coordinator of the Brentwood Toy Project and captain for Adelphi’s for Relay for Life event. 

Chelsea is also a global citizen. Her commitment extends beyond the Garden City campus – participating in the International Medical Mission in Peru and the Navajo National Medical Mission in Arizona. In her application essay, Chelsea wrote that she, along with eleven other Adelphi students, spent nine days in various areas of Peru, volunteering in medical clinics, rehab centers, orphanages, as well as elementary schools. She noted that in spite of pockets of poverty, the people of Peru, specifically in these areas, were some of the happiest people that she has come across in her young life, and how these people choose to embrace the positives over the negative aspects of what they did not have. 

Chelsea Wollman is an accomplished leader, citizen, athlete and student. These attributes were also recognized recently as she was selected one of the recipients of the President’s Student Leadership Award.

2nd Place Senior Award Winner

Lindsay Zissis

Lindsay Zissis, 2nd Place Senior Award Winner with Dr. Scott

Lindsay Zissis, 2nd Place Senior Award Winner with President Dr. Robert A. Scott

After the interview for this award, the first word that came to mind when the Parents Association Board described Lindsay Zissis was “passionate” – because members said she lives and breathes her focus of study. Yet Lindsay brought her scholarship beyond the classroom – participating last summer as an intern with Adelphi’s Community Fellows Program, where she served as the sensory room coordinator at Camp Loyaltown, a summer camp for individuals who have various developmental disabilities. In this leadership role, Lindsay took the helm, and incorporated multiple therapeutic methods the purpose of which was to introduce new stimuli and toe create a feel of relaxation from the hectic camp day. 

Her citizenship is apparent in her participation in the Levermore Global Scholars Program and volunteerism with Island Harvest, Habitat for Humanity, the Nassau AHRC and Saint Basil’s Orphanage. An Island Harvest recommender stated that “through Lindsay’s outstanding efforts, she has distinguished herself as one of the best by demonstrating strong leadership, conscientiousness, and a commitment to community service.” 

Lindsay is also a winning research scholar. Her research topic focused on the implication of speech language intervention for a multidimensional treatment plan for clients diagnosed with schizophrenia. Her research won at Adelphi’s Annual Research Conference and was published this past April. This fall, Lindsay will continue her passion in her field of study as she pursues a Master’s Degree in Speech Pathology at NYU Steinhardt.

3rd Place Award Winner

L’Leshia Stevens

L'Leshia Stevens, 3rd Place Senior Award Winner with Dr. Scott

L’Leshia Stevens, 3rd Place Senior Award Winner with President Dr. Robert A. Scott

In the review of her essay, and the interview of this finalist, Board Members found L’Leshia Stevens to possess an inner strength and to exhibit a self-reflective quality. L’Leshia was also found to have a strong commitment to citizenship, by getting involved in different social justice programs which she states “really opens your eyes to how large the world is around you.” These qualities were apparent to the recommender who said L’Leshia was selected to participate in the Spring 2014 Social Justice Training Program in an eight week training emphasizing diversity and social justice, with a focus on race, class and gender. Her mentoring and caring spirit are evident in her extensive community service participation both on and off campus – such as her participation in an overnight service trip to Washington, D.C., as well as service as a volunteer to feed the homeless on Thanksgiving and Christmas, and assistance at the Ronald McDonald House and Mary Brennan Inn. 

L’Leshia’s leadership roles include captain and head cheerleader of Adelphi’s Cheerleading team, president of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority Incorporated and as an executive board or active member of eight student organizations. 

L’Leshia began her essay with a quote by Ken Kasey which states, “You don’t lead by pointing and telling people someplace to go. You lead by going to that place and making a case.” L’Leshia noted that leadership is only one of the many ways that Adelphi has helped to shape her throughout her years here.

3rd Place Award Winner

Desiree Mitchell

Desiree Mitchell, 3rd Place Senior Award Winner with Dr. Scott

Desiree Mitchell, 3rd Place Senior Award Winner with President Dr. Robert A. Scott

In their interview with this finalist, the Parents Association Board members found Desiree to be a very focused and driven student whose scholarship is enthusiastically centered on the study of bones. Yet her anthropologic concentration has no boundaries. Having presented at a professional conference in Fairbanks, Alaska, this fall she will cross the Atlantic Ocean to pursue a Master’s Degree at the University College of London. 

Desiree’s citizenship and leadership are evident in her taking the reins as a captain for Relay for Life for the past two years, as well as serving on the board of the Anthropology Club and Lambda Alpha Nu Honor Society.

One recommender found Desiree to be capable of independent question and problem solving, and that she consumed every scholarly publication that could be provided. Another said she is a natural leader who has clearly shown her commitment to the Adelphi community through her work and volunteerism. 

Desiree is also the recipient of the 2014 Panayotis Agelarakis Scholarship Award, recognizing excellence in academic attainment in the field of Anthropology. Her dedication to her field of study is authenticated in the professor’s recommendation for the Parents Association Senior Award, who noted that since Desiree’s decision to study anthropology four years ago, she has not wavered from that goal, which is a sign of her determination. A world of anthropology awaits!

Parent Recognition Awards

Maria S. Narine

Krystle and Maria S Narine with President Dr. Robert A. Scott

Krystle and Maria S. Narine with President Dr. Robert A. Scott

The first words of Krystle’s essay state, “Maria S. Narine must be the most dedicated, hardworking and selfless person I know.” 

Krystle shared that not only is her mother Maria an alumna of Adelphi’s School of Nursing, but she is an active community member, Girl Scout leader, organizer volunteer, advocate, wife, mother of four daughters – and a survivor.

Krystle writes, “After surviving brain cancer, my mom is the person who has constantly encouraged me to continue my education in the field of social work. Now as graduation approaches, I would like to take this opportunity recognizing my mother as an exceptional caregiver and beautiful person. She has given me and my family so much to live for; now she is fighting her own battle with breast cancer and I truly believe she deserves an acknowledgement for all she has done for others and for me.”

When Krystle herself was diagnosed with a malignant brain tumor and was only given six months to live if she rejected treatment, she saw the look on her mother’s face. As Maria was a pediatric hematology/oncology nurse, Krystle said this circumstance was all too familiar to her.

Krystle is a nine-year survivor and credits her mother’s knowledge, love and faith for saving her. Her mother is now fighting to live a healthy cancer free life. 

In nominating her mother for this award, Krystle says Maria Narine is “the woman who gave everything for me to live.”

Marie Nichols

L'Leshia Stevens and Marie Nichols with President Dr. Robert A. Scott

L’Leshia Stevens and Marie Nichols with President Dr. Robert A. Scott

The opening line of L’Leshia’s essay about the person she calls grandmother speaks volumes. “Not many people have the ability to attain their goals and overcome life’s obstacles in one piece with a support system.” Marie Nichols, L’Leshia states, has been that support system, and also a considerable amount more. L’Leshia felt pressure being a first generation college student, and at times it was unbearable. Although Marie Nichols may not have completely understood the dynamics of the journey of going to college, L’Leshia says that Marie always made sure that she is there to lend a listening ear, and at times has given her last dollar to make sure she could commute to school and have a meal throughout the day. L’Leshia credits Marie Nichols with lessons that were vital to forming values and beliefs, and for the power to persevere over anything.

The death of her adopted grandfather in October of 2009 was during her first semester as a freshman, and L’Leshia said that another bomb was dropped on her when her grandmother was diagnosed with ovarian cancer the following year in the fall of 2010. She wanted to drop out of school and just stay with her to help, however, Marie refused to let L’Leshia make that decision. Happily, a successful operation has restored Marie to good health.

L’Leshia states that the thing that astonishes her most about Marie Nichols is that she isn’t even her grandmother by blood. However, even prior to Marie having biological grandchildren later in life, L’Leshia says that Marie looked at her as her first grandchild. L’Leshia expressed in her essay that she hopes to make as much a difference in someone else’s life, as Marie did in hers, because she thanks her every day for helping her to get to where she is today. She nominated Marie Nichols for this award for being such a positive force in her life at all times.

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