The Library Diversity Council recognizes diversity as the broad range of experiences and backgrounds our community brings together to create a rich learning environment. We support Adelphi University’s vision of celebrating individuality while creating an inclusive community with equitable access to resources.

Our mission is to empower all Adelphi Library users to learn and grow together in a welcoming and safe climate. We seek to do so through our library spaces, resources, services, and the Library community.

2020-2021 Goals

  • Work with faculty and academic departments to decolonize the curriculum, integrate curate, and share resources related to diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI).
  • Work with instructors to explore viable textbooks and other course materials alternatives that promote student access, including Open Educational Resources (OERs).
  • Assess the Library’s working climate and culture, implement strategies to identify and build upon current strengths, and take opportunities to improve the workplace environment and positively impact retention.
  • Create a physical and virtual DEI safe space in the Library where students can access resources, discuss, and support one another regarding social injustices.
  • Identify outreach opportunities that engage the local geographic community in DEI topics, discussions, and solutions.
  • Develop a survey to students, faculty, alumni regarding the Library’s DEI efforts and suggestions for encouraging open, honest, and safe discussions.
  • Explore inviting local community authors, activists, and leaders to participate in book discussions and reading selections representing diverse authors and address DEI topics.

Council Meetings

The meeting schedule will be disseminated shortly.

New members are always encouraged to volunteer for the Library Diversity Council. Please reach out to Kimberly Mullins if you are interested in joining.

For more information, contact the Council Chair

Council Members

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