The Library Diversity Council recognizes diversity as the broad range of experiences and backgrounds our community brings together to create a rich learning environment. We support Adelphi University’s vision of celebrating individuality while creating an inclusive community with equitable access to resources.

Our mission is to empower all Adelphi Library users to learn and grow together in a welcoming and safe climate. We seek to do so through our library spaces, resources, services, events, and the Library community.

Library Diversity Council Goals

  • Lead the exploration of opportunities for area specific curriculum enhancements in fostering social justice and diminishing racism and bias.
  • Collaborate with faculty and academic departments to decolonize the curriculum by procuring, curating, and integrating DEI resources.
  • Create curriculum design aids for teaching faculty that support best teaching and learning practices using information sources.
  • Create welcoming Library spaces by adding artwork and artifacts that reflect student perspectives of inclusivity, diversity, and social justice.
  • Plan and organize Library events that promote DEI themes and bring the campus community into the library. Such events include the Human Library Event, Poetry Reading Event for Black Poetry Day, and International Games Night.

Council Meetings

Library Diversity Council Meetings are held once every two weeks beginning on August 29th, 2023.

New members, including students, are always encouraged to volunteer for the Library Diversity Council or attend the meetings. Please contact James Cho if you are interested.

Council Co-Chair

Council Co-Chair

Council Members

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