International Services will review completed I-20 requests received prior to the December 15 for the fall semester and July 15 for the spring semester deadline for all initial I-20 requests.

Transfer requests are reviewed on an individual basis based on admissions and status. Change of educational level I-20 requests will be reviewed once admission or program progression is determined and all information is received.

For information regarding the F-1 visa application and renewal process, please view the student visa overview and the current appointment wait time at your U.S. Embassy or Consulate.

Request for I-20 Form

This form should be completed by the student and provide all the accurate information of the student. Please include this form with your Request for F-1 status to the Office of International Admissions for new students and International Services for returning students to Adelphi.

When completing this form: please use ink, answer all sections completely.

Photocopy of Passport Information Page

Please submit a photocopy of your valid passport.

Affidavit of Support

Proof the sponsor is employed and receiving income: must be completed by financial sponsor’s employer on employer letterhead or stationery indicating the employment of the sponsor or Income tax return from the previous year.

This form must be completed and signed by your financial sponsor indicating adequate resources necessary to meet all financial responsibilities while studying at Adelphi University. The number of funds you must show evidence of must be equal to or more than the cost of estimated expenses for one year of study.  You can obtain the annual estimated costs from the International Student Budget Budget Sheet.  If you have alternate financial support from alternate or outside sources, i.e. scholarship or loan funding, this amount should be deducted from the amount necessary to show evidence of.

Official Bank Documentation

You must show bank documentation indicating liquid funding matching one-year of financial expenses or the amount indicated on your affidavit of support form. Documentation must be valid within 6 months, be official documents and in English.

If the sponsor is a business, an additional letter from the company’s chief financial officer providing permission for the company to relinquish funds for students study is required.


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