An international student who is in good academic standing and not able to complete their educational requirements prior to the program end date listed on the Form I-20, may need to extend their F-1 status by requesting a program extension.

Eligibility to Extend F-1 Status

The designated school official can authorize a program extension if the student meets the following requirements.

  • The student requests the extension to the designated school official prior to the program end date listed on the current I-20. Requests received after the program end date cannot be authorized by the designated school official
  • The student is in current F-1 status and has continually maintained valid status
  • The need to extend F-1 status is caused by compelling academic or medical reasons, such as changes of major or research topics, unexpected research problems, or documented illnesses. Delays caused by academic probation or suspension are not acceptable reasons for a program extension
  • The student is in good academic standing and can continue in their current academic program. The student has outstanding required courses remaining to complete all program requirements listed in the plan of study.
  • The academic advisor recommends the program extension providing an explanation from the student’s advisor/instructor for the extension and the new program end date.

Program Extension Process

To request an extension of F-1 status, the individual student must take the following actions prior to the program end date listed on the currently issued I-20.

  1. Log into the International Services Portal using your eCampus credentials
  2. Locate the student request options and complete the program extension request
  3. The student must indicate the new program end date and the reason for the extension
  4. The academic advisor must review and approve the program extension
  5. The designated school official will review the request once complete and make a determination if the student meets the requirements. If so, the extension of F-1 status will be processed and a new I-20 issued.
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