Requirements for international students on how to maintain valid F-1 Status.

While studying in the United States, it is the responsibility of the individual student to maintain valid status which includes:

  1. Fulfilling the purpose of the F-1 student visa
  2. Following the regulations associated with that purpose

Guide to Status Maintenance for International Students and Scholars

International students in a classroom

International students who have questions or need assistance should consult with the designated school official (DSO), located in International Services. The DSO is responsible for regulatory and status-related guidance for all international students, regardless of academic program or level. Email or call 516.877.4990.

Students can also contact the Student Exchange Visitor Program (SEVP) with questions about student issues, maintaining status, or other problems. Email or call 703.603.3400.

International Student Responsibilities

International students are required to follow all terms and conditions of their nonimmigrant status. Failure to comply with the following responsibilities will be considered a violation of status, resulting in the termination of the student’s SEVIS record requiring the student to depart the U.S. and no longer be eligible to study.

Reporting Requirements

– Arrive prior to the first day of classes or your program start date.
– Complete the Immigration Check-in using the International Services Portal. (for initial and change of educational level students only)
– Report changes of your physical address by completing the “Contact Information Update” request using the International Services Portal. Must be made within 10 days of any change.

Education Requirements

– Enroll in a full course of study every semester unless approved by the DSO.
– Complete your academic program before your I-20 end date.
– Make normal academic progress by attending, participating, and passing classes. If school is too difficult, speak with your DSO immediately.

Employment and Practical Training

– Work only when authorized by a DSO through on-campus employment or curricular practical training.
– Work only when authorized by USCIS for pre or post-completion optional practical training.

Duration of Status and Grace Periods

– International students receive a 60-day grace period following program completion or authorized post-completion OPT.
– International students receive a 15 day grace period following an authorized early withdrawal approved by International Services
– International students who fail to maintain status are not eligible for any grace period.

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