Vacation benefits are provided to all full-time non-union employees. The amount of vacation is based upon length of employment.

Vacation time must be used in the academic year in which it is earned and may not be carried over into the next academic year. Compensation in lieu of taking vacation time is not permitted.

Vacation Policy

The University’s vacation policy for all full time administrators (including executives) who commence work on or after January 1, 1995, was revised effective September 1, 2002, to include non-union clericals and is detailed below. All vacation earned must be taken by August 31 of the academic year in which it is earned.

Amount of Service Number of Vacation Days Per Academic Year
Less than 6 months 0
6 months but less than one year Commence accruing 1.67 days per full month of service on the first day of the month after 6 months of employment (maximum of 10 days in the first academic year).
1 year and more 20 days per academic year accrued at 1.67 days per full month of employment.
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