Student Philanthropy Center

Student Philanthropy Center

The Student Philanthropy Center (SPC) fosters philanthropic interactions by providing an opportunity for students within the university to connect with alumni and donors.

In the SPC, students are equipped with state-of-the-art software to connect with generous donors who impact the Adelphi experience for all students.

Students can now reach alumni through personalized phone calls, text messages and emails. Adelphi’s long tradition of calling on alumni since the 1960’s coupled with the new on-campus SPC program will keep alumni connected to their alma mater and help Adelphi build a brighter future.

Meet the Team

We try to do our part to help make a difference in the Adelphi community.

Shamar Ridley BS in Finance, Class of 2025

It’s always fun and exciting to talk to the alumni and hear their stories. I’m glad to help them give back to the Adelphi community.

Sri Lakshmi Sannidha Varada MS in Supply Chain Management, Class of 2024

Getting to hear from alumni about their experiences and how Adelphi helped shape their futures helps me get a better picture of my future.

Thea Crouch BA in History and Art, Class of 2025

I just always believed in giving back to the community and standing up for your fellow students, helping each other out, and this is the center exactly for that.

Maneeth Mylavarapu Masters in Public Health, Class of 2024

I am excited and interested to see what the Student Philanthropy Center can do for our students and how it keeps alumni connected to our community.

Purna Chandrika Reddy MA in General Psychology, Class of 2024

Helping our students interact with alumni is incredibly satisfying and helps Adelphi standout in the philanthropic community.

Inna Osetrova BA in Political Science and Economics, Class of 2024
Student Philanthropy Center
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