Videos and other forms of multimedia (pictures, audio clips) can be effective teaching assets in any course.


  1. Engage students with material and experiences that go beyond the classroom
  2. Facilitate talking points for student discussions and reflections
  3. Connect course content to real-world examples
  4. Enhance comprehension and retention with visual representation
  5. Appeal to different learner styles

Where to Find Free Educational Video Resources

There are many free repositories and aggregators that host free videos for educational use. Some of these include:

What’s In Your Digital Toolkit?

  • FreeMake (Windows): Freemake is a free video conversion tool. You can convert videos that are on your hard drive, or videos on YouTube. View a series of tutorials.
  • Handbrake (Windows, Mac, Linux): Handbrake is a free tool that allows you to rip DVDs to your hard drive and convert video files. View a tutorial.

Additional Film Resources

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