Assists with teaching and learning practices involving digital media.

Instructional design support and training are offered in the use of audio podcast and video lecture recording, iTunes U, mobile applications for teaching, video conferencing, video and audio conversions for teaching and much more.

Along with digital media and instructional design support, the lab also offers classroom lecture recording and video tutorials for faculty that teach how to use digital media in the classroom.

As part of its mission to highlight and support 21st century teaching at Adelphi University, the lab also produces faculty video profiles and other short videos* that highlight innovative teaching and learning projects at Adelphi.

Some of our services include:

  • Lecture Recording
  • Digitizing video/audio for course materials (when appropriate in accordance with Adelphi’s Copyright and Fair Use for Faculty guidelines)
  • Training on a variety of tools (podcasting, video/audio editing, Google Hangouts, YouTube, etc.)
  • Consultations on how to incorporate digital media into your curriculum

Please note that the Instructional Media Lab does not offer University-wide media production services.

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  • Summer Hours Mon-Thu: 9:00am - 3:30pm Fri: Closed
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