Panopto makes it easy to create and share video content using your computer. Panopto can record any combination of your computer screen, webcam, and microphone. When you’re done recording you can easily share the video and you can also reuse content in multiple courses and semesters.

Panopto is an excellent choice for creating your own content; or faculty can use VoiceThread to record a narrated PowerPoint Presentation.

Communication, Interaction and Collaboration


Moodle Announcement Forums can be used to communicate quickly with the students enrolled within your course at large. Every course on Moodle includes an Announcements forum to which only the instructor can post. This posted announcement is distributed to student emails after a 30-minute grace period that allows you to edit the message before it is sent.


Moodle Discussion Forums can be added to a course site to promote and help facilitate discussions between students, and with the instructor. A forum can contribute significantly to successful communication and community building in an online

Zoom is a video conferencing platform that can be used through a computer desktop or mobile app, and allows users to connect online for video conference meetings, webinars and live chat. Zoom allows users to create and join virtual meeting rooms where they can communicate with each other using video, and audio. Additional features can give participants the ability to share their screen, share files, and use text chat within the meeting group or privately with others in the meeting.

In addition to using Zoom for Remote Class, faculty can create Zoom meetings via eCampus to hold or add links for virtual office hours.

Moodle’s Quickmail block located on the right side of your Moodle course page allows instructors to send emails to enrolled course members. Instructors who use Moodle may find Quickmail to be a convenient alternative to send a mass email, rather than going through their Gmail account.

To create an email through Quickmail, you will:

  1. Locate the Quickmail block on the right-hand side of your Moodle course
  2. Click Compose at the top of the block
  3. Click individual students from the Potential Recipients list and then click Add in the middle section to move those students over to the Selected Recipients who will receive the emails
  4. You can click Add All in the middle to move all your students from Potential over to Selected if you want to send an email to your whole class
  5. Scroll down and you can add an Attachment
  6. Provide a Subject line
  7. In the Message section, write your email body
  8. Make sure Receive a copy is set to Yes so that you receive an email copy of your own email in your Adelphi Gmail account
  9. When done, click Send Email to have the email go out to students immediately.

Google Docs

Google Doc can be used as a collaborative workspace for synchronous and asynchronous group work. For more information, explore the Google Docs Resource Tool Page.


Zoom is a video conferencing platform that facilitates synchronous group work. Students can engage in live discussions, share screens for presentations, and utilize breakout rooms for smaller team collaboration.

Zoom Whiteboard

Zoom’s Whiteboard feature serves as a virtual whiteboard that can allow groups to brainstorm and illustrate ideas collaboratively, just as they would with post-it notes and whiteboards in physical classrooms. Groups can visually organize concepts, share diagrams, and work collectively on projects.


VoiceThread is a multimedia discussion platform enabling asynchronous collaboration. Students can share presentations, documents, or images and provide audio or text comments.

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