Adelphi University’s commitment to High Impact Educational Practices (HIPs) has created a pervasive culture of teaching excellence that benefits students from diverse backgrounds who have a range of learning needs.

Faculty members are encouraged to explore the many HIPs practices at Adelphi below and to get involved with HIPs teaching strategies. To help faculty become skilled in HIPs, the Faculty Center for Professional Excellence (FCPE) offers faculty-led workshops throughout the year. View our workshop and events page to see our latest offerings. The FCPE also partners with the HIPs Committee to support the HIPs Teaching and Learning Grant Program. Faculty interested in applying for a HIPs Grant can view the call for proposals.

The AAC&U has identified HIPs as ‘teaching strategies and designs that researchers have proven to be beneficial for student success, retention and engagement. Through intentional program design and advanced pedagogy, these types of practices can enhance student learning and narrow gaps in achievement across student populations.’ The AAC&U’s web pages contain useful resources that can help inform practitioners as they seek to expand on and refine their HIPs work.

First-Year Seminars and Experiences

The First Year Seminar and Freshman Orientation Experience at Adelphi University offer students the opportunity to participate in communities of inquiry around the problems and ideas that Adelphi faculty are engaged with in their own research.

Collaborative Assignments and Projects

Adelphi University’s Collaboration Project has existed since 2006, with the goal to build community and fostering multi- and inter-generational understanding among faculty, students, staff, administrators and the community at-large and student leadership development in social justice related efforts.

Undergraduate Research

Adelphi University’s strong commitment to undergraduate research is evidenced by its annual Research Conference and related activities.

Common Intellectual Experiences

Adelphi University’s Community Reads Program engages students in a common reading and essay-writing contest.

Diversity/Global Learning

The Center for Student Involvement and Multicultural Affairs at Adelphi University enacts Adelphi’s deep commitment to diversity through a range of initiatives including the Dinner and Dialogue Series, Diversity Months, LGBTQ Adelphi, and I Am Diversity at AU.

Internships, Service Learning, and Community-Based Learning

Adelphi University’s robust internship and service learning programs offer students the opportunity to integrate academic studies with real world experience while helping others.

Learning Communities

Adelphi’s Learning Communities are a series of required programs that bring together faculty and first-year students in an integrated environment. These programs include FOrE – First Year Orientation Experience, First Year Seminar and the First Year Reading Experience.

Capstone Courses and Projects

Like Writing Intensive courses at Adelphi, Capstone Experiences exist across all disciplines at Adelphi. View a sample Capstone Thesis Guide for International Studies Majors to get a sense of the quality and rigor of culminating academic experiences at Adelphi.

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